Turtonian Empire

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This article is on the former micronation Turtonian Empire, for the current micronation, see Falcar.
The Turtonian Empire
Coat of arms
Motto: For the Glorious Monarchy
Anthem: Hymn to The Soviet Union
Largest citySvoboda
Official languagesEnglish, Greek
Demonym(s)Imperial Turtonian
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• King-Emperor
First: Todd I (2010 - 2011)
Last: Edward the Scholarent (2011 - 2012
LegislatureDesk of his Imperial Royal Highness
Preceded by
Succeeded by
People's Republic of Turto

The Turtonian Empire was a period of time within Turtonian and Falcarian history generally considered to have began around April 2010, when the monarchy dissolved their restrictions. The Empire de jure began on 23 May 2011 with the first Turtonian colonial claim. The Turtonian Empire was lead by The Emperor Todd I and, following his abdication, Edward.

The nation intentionally lacked a written constitution and had all legislature written personally by the monarch. Legislature passed was rarely enforced, as no mechanism for enforcement existed. The double person rule allowed for the monarch to retain almost all power. The Empire was dissolved with the passing of the Turtonian Constitution, relinquishing colonial holdings and restricting monarchical power, despite this the office of Emperor was not officially removed until 2013.


Taken from the Imperial Census (April 2011)

  • No. Of citizens: 9
  • Gender:
    • Female: 33.3%
    • Male: 66.6%
  • Macronation
    • Australia: 100%
  • Age structure:
    • 0–14 years: 22.2%
    • 15–64 years: 77.7%
    • 65 years and over: 0%
  • Religion:
    • Church of England: 11.1%
    • Greek Orthodox Christian: 33.3%
    • Unknown: 33.3%
    • Agnostic: 11.1%
    • Atheist: 11.1%
  • Life expectancy at birth:
    • total population: 81.81 years
    • male: 79.4 years
    • female: 84.35 years
  • Languages: Australian English, Todd English, Greek
  • Literacy: 100%

Previously recognised states of Imperial Turto

Nation Type Date Notes
A1flag2.png Federated Republics of A1 Alliance* Unknown, possibly November 2009 Controversial, Due to reforms by both nations and the Alliance document being lost
Dranoria flag.png Kingdom of Dranoria Alliance August 11, 2011
National Flag of Rukora.jpg Educational Republic of Rukora Alliance