People's Republic of Turto

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People's Republic of Turto
Peoples republic turto flag.jpgSeal.png

For Freedom, For Love, For Turto
Across the Universe (Hawkepool)
Territories Complete Turto.jpg States of The Republic of Turto
Capital city Capital State
Largest city Svoboda
Official language(s) English, Japanese
Official religion(s) Atheist, agnostic, Susejisim
Demonym Turtonian
Government Single-State Duxist
- President Todd Lomas
- Dux Dux Todd I
Legislature National Assembly of Turto
Established November 2009
Currency Australian Dollar
Time zone UTC +9.30
National drink Urtica Dioica Tea
National animal Turtle (2009 - 2011)
  • Golden Labrador Retriever (2011)

The People's Republic of Turto was founded in November 2010, though the exact date is unknown. The country consists of 6 States within 2 Territories. Turto is not a Peoples Republic (Though it was originally), Rather a Single-party Duxist Government.