People's Republic of Turto

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People's Republic of Turto
Coat of arms
Motto: For Freedom, For Love, For Turto
Anthem: Across the Universe (Hawkepool)
States of The Republic of Turto
CapitalCapital State
Largest citySvoboda
Official languagesEnglish, Japanese
GovernmentSingle-Party Republic
(later) Duxist Dictatorship
• Prime Minister
Samuel F.
• President/Dux
Dux Todd Leon
LegislatureNational Assembly of Turto
EstablishmentNovember 2009
CurrencyAustralian Dollar
Time zoneUTC+9:30
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Turtonian Empire

The People's Republic of Turto was founded in 2009 in response to a collective effort to form a micronation in a now demolished school library. it later dissolved into a single-party state after collective members left leaving only one original member. The remaining member Todd Leon later formed the Turtonian Empire, predecessor of Falcar which still exists today. It was founded by a group of four members.