Kingdom of Dranoria

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Kingdom of Dranoria
Coat of arms
Motto: Nunquam iens addo vos (de facto)
Anthem: Imperial March from Star Wars (de facto)
primarily Adelaide, South Australia; also New South Wales and England
and largest city
Official languagesBritish English
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
• King
His Absolute Highness Nachington
• Chancellor
Jeremy Oakes
EstablishmentFebruary 8 2011
• Census
CurrencyAustralian dollar (de facto)
Proposed: Dranorian pound (Ð)
Preceded by
Grand Duchy of Mitchell Park
This nation is a member of TASPAC

The Kingdom of Dranoria was founded on the 8th of February 2011 by King Edward the Uniter. Optima is a constituent nation within Dranoria, and for the purposes of treaties and intermicronational organisations, Dranoria is the successor of Optima. It underwent a major governmental reform on April 5 2011 which resulted in Nachington becoming King and a further reform which enacted a Constitution in mid-May.


The name of Dranoria was created independently of the West Germanic root *dran-, the origin of the English word drone. Dranoria was initially called Dradoria for a short period, but was renamed soon after the foundation of the nation.



Optima, the predecessor of Dranoria, was founded on October 20, 2008 after the drafting of a declaration of independence and constitution by Jeremy Oakes. To this date, they have not been formally codified. In the months after foundation, Optima expanded significantly, gaining over a dozen citizens and several provinces, and annexing the "rival" micronation Pimpleg, now part of the Optiman province of Hackett. Optima made several claims to territory in formal terra nullius Antarctica and Bir Tawil, as well as in outer space, but these were rescinded around the time Optima entered the MicroWiki community in March 2011.

Michael Sander was another significant figure in Optima's development, but renounced his citizenship in January 2011. He remained absent from Optima until re-applying for citizenship on December 5,[1] and now serves as Head of Erotica of the Dranorian Broadcasters' Guild and a policy consultant to the Chancery.


Dranoria was founded separately from Optima on February 8, 2011, and several citizens were forcibly patriated into the nation. Also on that day, Luke, now known as Luke the Traitor, was banished from Dranoria, and declared an enemy of the state; Lord Scottie the Conqueror, then known as Scottie the Violent, was assigned to his destruction and defeated him. Dranoria entered informal relations with Optima, and Optimans Brian Mounce and Jeremy Oakes got dual citizenship.

Dranoria was originally founded with no territorial claims, but on the 9th of February, Dranoria formally claimed Kasugrad (the Australian Science and Mathematics School) and had a minor conflict with Optima over conflicting claims. Dranoria's control was confirmed after an unprovoked attack on Jeremy Oakes by Lord Scottie the Conqueror.

Optiman annexation

On March 11, Optima was "conquered" and annexed in a recwar started by Optima's wish for voluntary annexation. Optima was allowed autonomy over control of minor infrastructure.

April 2011 government overthrow

King Lance's rule had become unpopular to most of Dranoria due to alleged incompetence; he was eventually overthrown by Nachington on April 5. Nachington's taking of the throne was supported almost unanimously by Dranoria's population, and Lance's claim to the throne was only supported publicly by Dakoda George and no Dranorians.

May 2011 internal conflicts

Unrest erupted among Dranorians on May 16 as support for the old King resurged somewhat. Around the same time, the Peoples [sic] Republic of Serius, located across the world from metropolitan Dranoria, became another constituent nation within Dranoria after discussions in the Micronationalists Facebook group.

Debates on the night of May 16 led to an agreement: as the nation could not agree on who the legitimate King was, a one-time election would be held. The royal election finished on May 2011 and confirmed Nachington's position as King.

Serius seceded from Dranoria during the course of the debates and proceeded to declare war on Dranoria twice with alleged casus belli of Dranoria failing to provide compensation for alleged riots in Serius after its secession and failing to follow non-specific "intermicronational law" imposed unilaterally by Serius. Despite this, Serius has asked for an alliance with Dranoria.

Dispute with Ultamiya

Dranoria became the target of propaganda released by President David of the Republic of Ultamiya on January 30, 2012, by which Dranoria was attacked for the actions of Jeremy Oakes, dating back to September 19, 2011, in standardising the formatting in the MicroWiki article on Ultamiya and related pages in line with broader site standards and policy, especially those on capitalisation of headings. David claimed that no such policy on capitalisation existed, despite the creation of policy pages and insistence by multiple administrators of such a policy existing.[2][3]


Dranoria adopted its current constitution on October 26, 2011, which replaced the first constitution adopted during the May 2011 political crisis.[4] It mandates that Parliament is the supreme legislative body.


Parliament is an elected body consisting of five MPs elected through proportional representation. Parliament's size increases according to Dranoria's population, adding members in lots of two for every twenty citizens Dranoria has over a threshold of fifty.

Parliament 0

Parliament 0 is sometimes used to refer to the unofficial legislative body appointed by the King during pre-constitutional times. Its definite members were Jeremy Oakes, Nachington (before he became King), Daniel Niutta, Kate Skinner, and Damon Reece.

Parliament 1

Parliament 1 was elected from May 25–26 2011. Jeremy Oakes (Happy Party), Damon Reece, Sonja Yeare, and Luke Thomas (all independents) were elected from a total of 8 candidates.[5] King Nachington remains in Parliament unelected in accordance with Dranoria's first Constutition; his seat will be up for election along with the four others at the next election, which is required to be held after Parliament 1 is dissolved on or before May 25 2012.


Parliament may appoint lords to exercise executive control over government departments. Currently, these are:


Dranoria is divided into constituent nations, currently Lesser Dranoria and Optima.[7] These constituent nations are then divided into provinces (and then, in some cases, districts). Of these, only Optima has any legal power—this power was granted as a condition of annexation by Dranoria.[8]

Lesser Dranoria

Flag Name Founded Leader Motto
Kasugrad February 8, 2011 Nachington
Contains Draidon, the capital of Dranoria. Territory consists of the school attended by most Dranorians.
Nyannapolis June 1, 2011 (de jure) Sonja Yeare Nyan nyan nyan
Consists of a park near the house of Sonja Yeare and her brother Red Vs Blue.
West Garella June 1, 2011 (de jure) Callum Gare
Consists of the residences of Callum Gare in the Adelaide Hills. Not etymologically related to the Optiman Garellas.
Rainbow Shire March 23, 2012 Alex Lexington
Consists of the property of Alex Lexington in the Adelaide Hills.
Shechnya March 24, 2012 Damon Reece
Consists of the house of Damon Reece in southern Adelaide. Named after a typo made of SHECKNAFF, a Skype group used by several Dranorians, made into a portmanteau with the name of Chechnya. Its capital is Groznaff.
Realm of Nachington March 24, 2012 (de jure) Nachington
Consists of the house of Nachington in inner northern Adelaide. The name was used in the time before the adaptation of the Constitution to refer to a region of Kasugrad placed under special jurisdiction of Nachington, and then to his former house in southern Adelaide.


Foreign relations

Dranoria succeeded Optima in foreign affairs matters, thus taking its seats in the Organisation of Active Micronations and TASPAC. Dranoria was voted the 19th most influential MicroWiki nation the March 2011 MicroWiki Influence Survey, behind the Federated Republics of A1 and ahead of Kozuc.

Law and military

The Supreme Court of Dranoria is responsible for interpreting the Constitution and other legislation, and enforcing those laws.

Dranoria maintains a small, mainly ceremonial, military, the Royal Dranorian Military Corps.


Dranoria held its initial and, so far, only census in April 2011. Results indicate that among the Dranorian population:

  • 54% use a pseudonym of some sort
  • 23% are female and 77% are male
  • At least 23% identify as LGBTIQQ
  • 92% were born in Australia
  • 15% have macronational dual citizenship
  • 69% are right-handed, 15% are left-handed, and 15% are ambidextrous
  • Respondents were allowed to select any applicable religion:
    • Controllism is the most popular organised religion, with 42% being followers
    • Pastafarianism and Christianity are the most popular organised macroreligions, 33% following each
  • 77% each use Skype and Facebook chat, 46% each use Windows Live Messenger and Skype, 31% use Google Talk, and 15% use IRC (Internet Relay Chat)
  • ASMS Wiki is the most popular wiki with 92% contributing to it, followed by Wikipedia (62%), MicroWiki (31%), Uncyclopedia (23%), and WikiFur and Encyclopedia Dramatica (both 15%)
  • 62% use a language other than English
  • 92% are of European ancestry
  • PC is the most popular gaming platform (85% use)
  • Firefox is the primary browser of 69%, with Google Chrome and Opera each having a 15% share
  • 77% use a version of Windows as their primary operating system, 15% use Mac OS X, and 8% use Ubuntu


Logo of the Dranorian Broadcasters' Guild.

Dranorian Broadcasters' Guild

The Dranorian Broadcasters' Guild is Dranoria's national broadcaster, the successor to the Optiman Broadcasting Commission.


The Church of the Controller, a religion related to gaming that resembles the Church of Gaming of the webcomic Ctrl+Alt+Del, was Dranoria's state religion before the overthrow of King Edward, founded and headed by the former king. It retains a significant following.


As census results indicate, gaming is a popular Dranorian hobby. Popular games include Minecraft and Team Fortress 2.

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