National symbols of Dranoria

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Optima has variety of flags representing national and subnational entities. The majority of these flags were designed by Vexillolographer-General Jeremy Oakes.

National flag

The Optiman national flag was designed by hand on the day Optima was founded, the 20th of October 2008, by Jeremy Oakes, and later digitised. The four points of the Star of Optima in the centre represent the Prince, President, Prime Minister, and Star of Optima, while its yellow hue represents democracy and yellow's ability to stand out from a white background while not clashing with red and blue. The blue canton of the flag represents Optima's major body of water, the Sturt Creek. The white band on the flag represents conservation of pencil lead and ink, and the three red rectangles represent speed, the blood shed by Jeremy Oakes when he designed the flag, and design sense.

South Garellan flag

The South Garellan flag was designed by Jeremy Oakes on the 12th of June 2010 to the specifications of former South Garellan Premier Michael Sander. The green background represents fertility, the red chevron wisdom and strength, and the canton Optima.

Hackettois flag

The flag of Hackett was designed by Jeremy Oakes on the 15th of July 2010, to a rough guide presented by then-Premier of Hackett, Brian Mounce. The canton represents Optima, while the interwoven coloured bands over the white field represent technology.

Dayneville flag

The flag of Dayneville, too, was designed by Jeremy Oakes, on the 29th of June 2010. The canton, as with all provincial flags, represents Optima; the eight-pointed star and the eight stripes coming from the points represent the surrounding macronational entity, New South Wales, while the blue field represents the southern sector of Dayneville's proximity to the St. George Basin, Jervis Bay, and the Pacific Ocean.

Primese flag

This flag, designed on the 17th of April 2010, to represent the capital province of Optima, was heavily based on the national flag.