Michael Sander

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Michael Sander
1st Prime Minister of Optima
In office:
October 21 2008 - February 5 2011
Prince Jeremy Oakes
Chancellor Reuben Howe (October 21, 2008 - July 20, 2010); Joshua Earle (July 20, 2010 - February 5, 2011)
Predecessor Office established
Successor Vacant, eventually Reuben Howe
Member of the Zealandian Legislative Assembly
List MZP for Reform Party
In office:
December 1 - December 17 2011
Monarch King Anthony
First Minister Joseph Puglisi
Predecessor Office established
Successor None
Personal information
Born 2 July 1996 (1996-07-02) (age 27)
Adelaide, South Australia
Political party Liberal Socialist Party (former)
Reform Party (Current)
Religion Irreligious

Yablokon career

Michael Sander is the Yablokon Minister of Broadcasting, and is currently working towards the launch of the Yabloko8 broadcaster.

Optiman career

Michael Sander was the prime minister of Optima from its establishment until the 5th of February 2011. At the time of his resignation, he was also the Treasurer, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Minister for Human Services, Minister for Justice, and Minister for Agriculture.[1] Michael Sander was one of the key figures in Optima's early history, but after being re-elected during the 2009 general election, chose not to contest the February 2011 general election,[2] and resigned completely from micronationalism on the 5th of February.[3] Following his renunciation of his Optiman citizenship, Sander has been highly critical of the Optiman and Dranorian governments. He is widely regarded as disgruntled. During his Optiman political career, Sander was one of the most prominent advocates for formality in Optiman governance, although he has since spoken out against excessive seriousness in the MicroWiki sphere.