Brian Mounce

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Brian Mounce
Personal information
Born: April 1996
Macronationality: Australian
Micronationality Optiman (also Aerican)

Brian Mounce (born April 1996) is an Optiman politician, Dranorian citizen, and web developer, and present prime minister of Optima. He is known as the founder of both LAN Parties and the province Hackett.

Early life and education

Mounce was born in Adelaide in April 1996. He attended a small Catholic primary school and first met Jeremy Oakes, Michael Sander, and others who would become Optiman citizens when he started middle school (also Catholic) in 2007. He will attend a specialist science and mathematics school to complete his secondary education until 2013. Despite his attendance of multiple Catholic schools, he has been agnostic since 2006.


His first step into micronationalism was becoming an Aerican citizen in early 2008. After the creation of Optima, he attempted to start a rival micronation named Octopia, which was soon conquered and absorbed into Optima where it is now the Muncia sector of Hackett. He created a political party, the LAN Party, but it was disbanded after meeting no electoral success and he later joined the Happy Party, where he is in 4th place on the party's ticket. He was a private in the Optiman Defence Force until Optima was annexed by Dranoria, but participated in few military activities.

Personal life and hobbies

He presently lives at home with his parents, and dog Eddie. In his free time he is known to design webpages, build and modifying desktop computers, play games, and spend a considerable amount of time on the internet.

The game developer Spindle Games is a joint project between Mounce and Jean-Francois Pierre. Mounce hosts the server free of charge, and also maintains the website whilst Pierre is dedicated to developing the game, currently in beta.

He also hosts a 24/7 web server from his home connection and provides free hosting services to Optiman citizens by request.