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Motto: Semper ad libertatem contortio (Latin: "Forever twirling towards freedom")
File:South Australia
and largest city
Demonym(s)Priman, Primese
• Premier
Jeremy Oakes
• Census
Time zoneOptiman Standard Time (UTC+9:30), Optiman Summer Time (UTC+10:30)
A province of the Principality of Optima

Prima is the capital province of Optima. It is an enclave of Oaklands Park, Australia. It was the first province to be proclaimed, and is currently the most populous province.


Prima consists of a property in suburban Adelaide.


  • Prima House, located in the centre of the province, includes Café Prima, the palace of the Prince, and offices of the Ministry of Defence and Security. The place where Optima was founded, in the north wing of the building, is now a bathroom due to renovations.
  • Brickshed, southwest of Prima House, is the former palace of the Prince, which he lived in while renovations were being performed on Prima House. It was known as Parliament Shed and was the meeting place of the Optiman Senate until it was moved online.
  • The Ministry of Defence Armoury is a shed directly east of Brickshed. Weapons are designed, built, and stored for the Optiman Defence Force there.
  • The Prima Botanic Gardens occupies the north-east part of Prima. A section of the Australian border fence is part of the gardens. A fort was built in a tree there but was demolished due to maintenance, weatherproofing, and zoning issues. A large portion of the central grassed area is being re-landscaped as of mid-May 2011.
  • Norton Park is a grassed area west of Prima House. It was the site of several undocumented judicial hearings during Optima's early days. It is named after Emperor Norton I of America.
  • The Ministry of Defence and Security maintains some weapons testing and training grounds adjacent to Norton Park.
  • Prima Farm is a small vegetable patch that is notable for its spinach and basil reserves.
From left to right: Northern part of Norton Park, Prima House, Brickshed
From left to right: Northern part of Norton Park, Prima House, Brickshed



  • Prima Road is the only Priman road wide enough to accommodate cars. It runs east-west from the Australian border to Brickshed, passing the Prima Botanic Gardens, Prima House, and Norton Park.
  • Norton Lane runs south-north from Prima Road to the Australian border, then west along a slight curve to the south to the Ministry of Defence and Security grounds, and terminates at the armoury after passing Norton Park and Prima Farm.
  • Gray Street runs south-north from Prima Road, passing the west side of Prima House and east side of Norton Park, and terminates at Norton Lane next to the Ministry of Defence and Security grounds.

Citizens and notable other residents

  • Jeremy Oakes, founder and Prince of Optima
  • Reuben Howe, former President of Optima and General of the Royal Dranorian Military Corp
  • Graymond "Gray" Howe the Cat, notable cat