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RetCart was a planned transport system undertaken as a joint venture between the Ministry of Defence and Security (now defunct) and Ministry of Transport (now falling under the function of the Ministry of the Interior) of Optima.


RetCart I and II

The beginning of the RetCart project was with RetCart I, constructred during late 2008 after the government of Optima acquired a golf bag pull-cart, retrofitting it with a swivel chair to carry a seated passenger while another person pushed.

RetCart II was built in South Garella soon after the construction of RetCart I, in a similar design.

RetCart III, IV, and V

RetCart III, IV, and V were constructed from shopping trolleys salvaged from the area around Prima in early 2009.


Test runs of RetCart I and II were conducted first in the Northern Territories, Prima, and South Garella. Test runs of later versions were only conducted out of the Prima Retport, in several sessions lasting approximately one hour each through early 2009.