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Grand Duchy of Kasugrad
Adelaide, South Australia
Official languagesBritish English
Demonym(s)Kasuvian, Kasuvite
GovernmentAdministered by Dranoria
• Grand Duke
Damon Reece
• Viceroy
EstablishmentFebruary 8 2011
• Census
Time zoneUTC+9:30 (UTC+10:30 summer time)

The Grand Duchy of Kasugrad is the capital province of Dranoria.


Kasugrad was the site of Dranoria's foundation and was established along with the nation on February 8, 2011.

Originally, part of the Kasuvian territory was a district of the Realm of Nachington, another province which consisted of one room in what is now Kasugrad and the house of Nachington, who was then the military commander of Dranoria. The Realm of Nachington was not re-established along with others after the adoption of Dranoria's first Constitution in May 2011.[1][2]


The full area of Draidon, the capital city of Dranoria, is generally defined as consisting of the entire territorial extent of Kasugrad.

Lower Kasugrad

Lower Kasugrad is the lower floor of the main building in Kasugrad's territory.

  • The Batcave is the colloquial name for the room where many administrative duties in Dranoria have been performed. It was the room where Dranoria was founded, and where the Optiman Annexation Treaty was signed.

Upper Kasugrad

Lower Kasugrad is the upper floor of the main building in Kasugrad's territory.

Outer Kasugrad

Outer Kasugrad is the area around the main building in Kasugrad.

  • Casley Park is a park featuring primarily native Australian plants, named for the Casley family of the Hutt River Province. It was dedicated in October 2011.[3]