Happy Party

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Happy Party
Leader Jeremy Oakes
Founded 4 December 2010
Political information
Ideology Isocratic social democracy
Position Centre-left
Colours Pink
Senate of Optima 3 of 3 seats held
Parliament of Dranoria 1 of 4 elected seats held

The Happy Party is a Dranorian social democratic party. It was originally founded as the Socialist Isocratic Party by Liberal Socialist Party members unsatisfied with its internal structure[1] while Optima was independent, and went on to win all three seats of the Optiman senate in the next elections in February 2011.


Former logo, as Socialist Isocratic Party

The Happy Party became involved in Dranorian politics before Optima united with it, while there was still no formal democracy. It nominated Jeremy Oakes for the first elections in May 2011, and he won a seat in the new Parliament, coming equal second from a total of 8 candidates.[2]

Acknowledging its change in ideology since its foundation, party leader Oakes changed the party's name to the Happy Party.[3]