Dranorian Broadcasters' Guild

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Dranorian Broadcasters' Guild
PredecessorOptiman Broadcasting Corporation
Foundedc. February 2011
FounderJeremy Oakes
Area served
Dranoria (as national broadcaster)
Global (broadcasting reach)
ServicesNews and entertainment programming
WebsiteDBG blog

The Dranorian Broadcasters' Guild (DBG) is a Dranorian guild sanctioned as the national broadcaster by the government, but not operated by it.[1] Its guildmaster is Jeremy Oakes.


Logo of the OBC.

The DBG operated as the Optiman Broadcasting Commission, Optima's national broadcaster, while Optima was independent. It operated The Optiman newspaper, OBC television, Radio Optima, the OBC Foreign Service, and the Civil Defence Broadcasting Service. The director of the OBC was Michael Sander while it was run as a separate organisation, before it was reorganised on the January 23 2011.[2] It was operated directly by the Ministry of Culture and Recreation until the ministry gave the DBG total rights to all OBC services and property on June 11 2011.[3] The DBG became a member of the Micronational Press Council in March 2012.

Programming and services

Draidon Times

The Draidon Times is the rarely-used name for the service which publishes news articles to the DBG Wordpress blog. These articles are written by Jeremy Oakes, though it is encouraged for other Dranorians to contribute. It is considered the successor to The Optiman.

Legislation publication

The DBG publishes legislation and other Parliamentary decrees on a separate blog.

Dranorian News Network

The Dranorian News Network will provide video news service, mainly on domestic affairs, through online video services.

The Optiman

The Optiman was a newspaper founded by Michael Sander, who resigned on the 26th of January 2011 following the reorganisation of the OBC by Jeremy Oakes. At the time of its establishment, it was intended to publish Optiman, Australian, and foreign news, but its scope was narrowed to focus solely on Optiman news. The paper had only one full-time journalist, Michael Sander. The Optiman was the first division of the OBC to operate.

Articles from The Optiman are also available in the archives of the Draidon Times.

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