Optiman Geologic and Geographic Organisation

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Optiman Geologic and Geographic Organisation
Establishedc. December 2008
Surveyor-GeneralJeremy Oakes
Deputy SurveyorsMichael Sander
Reuben Howe
HeadquatersOld Parliament Shed, Prima
MinistryCulture and Recreation
AffiliatesTASPAC Geographic Society

The Optiman Geologic and Geographic Organisation (OGGO) is an Optiman organisation subordinate to the Ministry of Culture and Recreation. It is affiliated with the TASPAC Geographic Society.


The activities of OGGO have been chiefly in surveying areas in and around Dranorian territories.

Date Name Location Description
c. December 2008 RetCart Expedition Northern Territories
Oaklands Park, South Australia
Marion, South Australia
Jeremy Oakes, Michael Sander, Reuben Howe, and Sasha Omoshiroi surveyed a park 500 metres northeast of Prima in the Northern Territories and surrounding urban area and briefly viewed a Christmas light display. The team recovered abandoned machinery in the park which would later be refurbished as part of the RetCart project.
c. January 2009 Arson Green Incident Northern Territories
Oaklands Park, South Australia
Marion, South Australia
Oakes, Sander, Howe, and Omoshiroi surveyed a park 200 metres east of Prima in the Northern Territories. In a controversial unsanctioned attack on Australia, General Howe of the Optiman Defence Force set fire to part of a robotic toilet facility owned by the local government. The park was named Arson Green after the incident.
c. December 2009 Jervis Bay Expeditions Karne, Dayneville
Sanctuary Point, Huskisson, and Vincentia, New South Wales
Jervis Bay Territory
The first expedition surveyed parts of the shore of the St Georges Basin at Sanctuary Point. A flat, grassy part of the area with little tree cover was deemed suitable for a later disc golf game. Reuben Howe successfully traversed the foot of a small cliff which is nearly inaccessible during high tide.
The second expedition inspected the estuary at the mouth of the Moona Moona Creek between the towns Huskisson and Vincentia, where it empties into Jervis Bay. The OGGO party deemed a bridge over a deep part of the estuary safe to dive from.
c. December 2010 Solander Expedition Trampolopolis, Dayneville
Caringbah, New South Wales
Woolooware, New South Wales
November 14, 2010 Citizens' Congress Expedition Northern Territories
Oaklands Park, South Australia
Marion, South Australia
Held after the proceedings of the Citizens' Congress. The party walked through several areas of the Northern Territories and returned to Prima. The party was stopped briefly by Australian police on suspicion of graffito tagging, but were soon allowed to continue. A computer keyboard and monitor left for hard rubbish collection near the Canary Greens were retrieved. The keyboard was later used on Jeremy Oakes' desktop computer for several months, and the monitor was used for a short-lived file server.
December 25, 2010 Slacky Flat Expedition Sandbart, Dayneville
Bulli, New South Wales
The expedition team, consisting of Optimans and Australians, embarked after Christmas lunch. The team inspected a burnt ruin of a house near Sandbart and remnants of temperate rainforest around the Illawarra escarpment, much of which has been taken over by the urban sprawl of Sydney and Wollongong.