Royal Dranorian Military Corps

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Active c. November 2008 – March 14 2011

May 30 2011

Country Principality of Optima, Kingdom of Dranoria
Service branches None
Current engagements None
Standard weapon ODF3 Flail
Current commander Reuben Howe
Past commanders Jeremy Oakes (de facto, October–December 2008)

Reuben Howe (December 2008-November 2010) Jean-Francois Pierre (November 2010-February 2010)

Military manpower
Active troops 2
Reserve troops 2
Total personnel 2

The Kingdom of Dranoria maintains a small military, the Royal Dranorian Military Corps (RDMC). It was known as the Optiman Defence Force (ODF) and functioned as Optima's military before its union with Dranoria.


The RDMC was founded as the Optiman Defence Force in late 2008. It conducted numerous training exercises and provided personnel for the "attacks" on Australia which resulted in the claimed annexation of several areas around South Garella.

The military suffered considerable reputational damage after a spill at the military R&D shed in Prima of ten litres of its "Orange Cyclone" chemical weapon around January 2009. A subsequent investigation found that the project co-ordinator, Reuben Howe, had recklessly failed to inform both Primese residents and other military and government officials of the true nature and composition of the weapon, and flagrantly disregarded safety precautions. Following the spill, further production of Orange Cyclone was ceased, and remaining stock disposed.

The military became gradually more inactive until Optima's annexation by Dranoria in early 2011. Dranoria maintained a Royal Dranorian Army that was dissolved along with most government functions on May 16 2011 pending constitutional and government reform. The Optiman Defence Force was restarted as a Dranorian national military force on May 30 2011.


There are four ranks in the Royal Dranorian Military Corps:

  • Private
  • Sergeant
  • Lieutenant
  • General

There is only one General, who is appointed by Parliament to command the RDMC during peacetime. Reuben Howe currently performs that role.


The RDMC has a total of 2 personnel; it has ground and naval capabilities, and limited air recon capabilities. Its primary ground weapons are the ODF3 flail and a variety of spikes and knives.

Paper aircraft

The RDMC's air fleet, which consisted of several domestically constructed aircraft, two models of which were Optiman-designed, was decommissioned due to maintenance problems.


The Optiman Defence Force maintains a base at the former Optiman Ministry of Defence and Security headquarters in Prima. It formerly had outposts at the Cashew Military Barracks in Parklife and an next to the Prima Botanic Gardens.

Defence Alertness Scale

Military readiness was governed by the Defence Alertness Scale, or DAS, a multistage indicator of attack risk against Optima. The scale was discontinued between Michael Sander's departure from Optima and Optima's union with Dranoria.