Culture of Dranoria

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Dranoria's culture is heavily influenced by Australian culture and nerd subcultures.


All Dranorians speak English fluently.

Internet Memes

Experiences shared by several Optimans have developed into Internet memes.


Farmer Oakes'

Farmer Oakes' is a brand name used for food and drinks made by Jeremy Oakes, including:

  • Farmer Oakes' Iced Tea, which has been treated with suspicion as it turns opaque a few hours after being prepared
  • Farmer Oakes' Iced Coffee, an iced mocha drink made with instant coffee, drinking chocolate, and artificial sweetener
  • Farmer Oakes' Ye Olde Gourmete Poppede Corne, cooked in olive oil and flavoured with salt, black and cayenne pepper, paprika, and garam masala


The state-funded Dranorian Broadcasters' Guild remains relatively independent from the government. It produces chiefly news content and has plans to extend to entertainment programming.


Most Dranorians play video games regularly. Popular games include first-person shooter Team Fortress 2 and indie sandbox Minecraft. Dranorian census data indicates PC is the most popular platform. Spindle Games, a game development organisation operated by the Dranorian government, has developed Oaklands, a first-person shooter, into alpha.