South Garella

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South Garella Province
Motto: Art nisi provideris testimonio estis res describere non est facta. (Latin: 'Pics or it didn't happen.')
File:South Australia
and largest city
Demonym(s)South Garellan
Government‘Benevolent’ dictatorship
• Census
Time zoneOptiman Standard Time (UTC+9:30), Optiman Summer Time (UTC+10:30)
A province of the Principality of Optima

South Garella is the second-oldest province of Optima, being founded on the day after the foundation of the nation. It was previously governed by its first and only premier, His Democratic Greatness Michael Sander, but is currently without any formal administrative structure on the provincial level. Elections are intended to be held whenever the incumbent premier dies, retires, is removed from their post by their party, is impeached, or is removed by a supermajority of the national Senate, but this has not proven to be the case.

Its major industries include armchair psychology, over-the-counter medicine, and over-the-counter 'medicine'.