Government of Dranoria

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The method of government of Dranoria is based on the Westminster system, with a unicameral Parliament, numerous governmental organs subservient to Parliament, and an independent court system. Administrative divisions of Dranoria are granted little or no individual power and are used primarily to distinguish different geographical areas, though Optima retains some autonomy, holding over from when it was an independent state.


Parliament of Dranoria
Parliament 1
Coat of arms or logo
since May 2011
Jeremy Oakes, Happy Party
since May 25, 2011
Opposition leader
None; all MPs in de facto government
Political groups
  Independent (4)
  Happy Party (1)
Multiple winner Borda count
Last election
May 25, 2011
Meeting place
Draidon, Kasugrad (official)
Various online venues

The Parliament of Dranoria is the supreme legislative body of Dranoria, responsible for creating and delegating duties to other governmental organs. It currently has 5 members of Parliament elected proportionally (specifically, with a multiple-winner Borda count).

Parliamentary procedure

Legislation within the bounds set by the Constitution approved by a majority of the members of Parliament becomes law. It is customary for laws to be signed by the King or Chancellor, though this is merely ceremonial and signings may be performed long after laws come into force. The Dranorian Broadcasters' Guild operates a service which displays laws passed by Parliament online.[1]


The predecessor to the current Parliament was a mainly ceremonial assembly of Lords appointed by the King who had the theoretical power to override decisions made by the King with a two thirds supermajority. This power was never used, and it was understood that the King would likely have expelled any Lord who objected to any decision made by the King.

The full list of Lords was not codified, but it is commonly agreed that some Lords were Nachington, then a military leader; Daniel Niutta, then another military leader and the Surgeon General of Dranoria; and Sonja Yeare.

The current concept of a Parliament came about with the adoption of Dranoria's first Constitution in May 2011 after a series of internal crises, in which it was declared Parliament was to consist of four elected members and the King, with the King having two votes. The provision that the King must be included in Parliament was removed in the second Constitution adopted in October, though he is still eligible to become an MP and will remain an MP in Parliament 1.

Parliament 1

Parliament 1 was elected on May 25, 2011 after the adoption of a Constitution in the previous week.

The members are:[2]

Position Party Name Points at election
0th Independent - apolitical monarch King Nachington N/A
1st   Independent Damon Reece 63
=2nd   Happy Party
(then   Socialist Isocratic Party)
Jeremy Oakes 62
=2nd   Independent Sonja Yeare 62
4th   Independent Luke Thomas 48

Unsuccessful candidates who stood for election were:

Position Party Name Points at election
5th   Dranorian Communist Party Peter Funnell 44
6th   Nestopian Party Callum Gare 39
7th   Nestopian Party Kate Skinner 25
8th   Nestopian Party Nestor Wyra 21

Parliament 2

Parliament 2 is scheduled to be elected after the term of Parliament 1 concludes on May 25, 2012. It will be the first Parliament where the King is not required to be a member.


Judicial system