Micronational Press Council

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Micronational Press Council
Official logo
Headquarters Online
Type Independent non-profit organisation

Foundation 15 March 2012

Membership 16 media outlets [1]

Chairman Lucas Campos

Websites Official Website
Official forum

The Micronational Press Council is a self-regulatory body of micronational media outlets. It was established in March 2012 and is a private, non-profit and independent non-governmental organisation. Its aims are to enforce a binding code of conduct for its members, handle complaints against its member media outlets and provide support for its members through information-sharing and discussion.


The Council has responsibility for responding to complaints about its member newspapers, magazines and associated digital outlets, as well as ensuring that the Micronational Press Code of Practice, which was draw up by the Council, is adhered to by its members. It also provides resources for its members, such as website templates and support.

Meetings, discussions, etc. are primarily held on the Council's Skype chatroom, while complaints and membership matters are handled through the online forum.


The MPC is made up of each member media outlet. Each outlet is entitled to one representative, but in some cases, one representative may represent two outlets (but not retaining a second vote). These representatives elect a Chair to lead the organisation in open elections conducted every six months. The Chair is expected to act in an impartial way.


See main article: Chairman of the Micronational Press Council

The Chairman of the MPC is the elected head of the Council. The position is unique in micronationalism in that anyone can nominate for the position - they do not have to be a staff member of a member media outlet. This mirrors arrangements in similar macronational organisations.

The Chairman's responsibilities include:

  • Chairing investigations into complaints;
  • Guiding MPC policy;
  • Moderating the Skype meeting room and online forum;
  • Being the public face of the Council; and
  • Ensuring the integrity and impartiality of the Council.

Deputy chairman

There is no official position of deputy chairman, but in the event of the chairman being unable to fulfil their duties for any reason, the previous chairman of the MPC acts as chairman. Therefore, they may be considered as the unofficial deputy chairman.


Membership is open to all micronational media outlets. As of January 2013, there are 16 members of the MPC. A current membership list may be found here.


Complaints may relate to news reports, articles, editorials, letters, cartoons, images and other published material. However, the Council does not consider complaints about advertising material, except where the complaint is that the material is not clearly identifiable as advertising.

Complaints to the Council may be made through the Council's online complaints form, available on the website.


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