Grand Duchy of Mitchell Park

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Grand Duchy of Mitchell Park
Motto: You got no face, so shut your face (de facto)
Anthem: Hearts on Fire
File:Adelaide, Australia
Largest cityFort Marist
Official languagesEnglish, Tiernish
Demonym(s)Mitchell Parker or Mitchell Parcois
Governmentostensibly theocratic monarchy
• Prime Minister
• Grand Duke
Sleiman Andary
Legislatureinformal parliament, absolute monarchy
EstablishmentNovember 5, 2010 de jure, September 2010 de facto
• Census
CurrencyAustralian dollar de facto
Time zoneUTC +9:30, UTC +10:30 summer time

The Grand Duchy of Mitchell Park is a Crown Protectorate and former puppet state of the Principality of Optima that claims a Catholic private school (formerly attended by many Optimans) as its territory and population.


First created as a non-specific state (that followed Minnesota law) for a class mock trial, power was siezed by God and Cthulhu's Kingdom's Exaltation Regime (G.a.C.K.E.R.) in late October and Sleiman Andary, twice the winner of the prestigious 9.2's Most Integritous Person Award, appointed Grand Duke at the nation's official establishment on the 5th of November, 2010, at 15:17 ACDT.

Due to governmental inactivity beginning at the end of the 2010 school year, Optima assumed control of Mitchell Park's government in March 2011. It is currently a little teapot, short and stout.

Government & politics

All legislation and decisions were formerly made by the Grand Duke, often with advice from other senior G.a.C.K.E.R. members and occasionally the general public.

Law and order

A regulation left over from Mitchell Park's mock trial state days means that Minnesota law is technically followed.

Foreign relations

Foreign relations and defence are the responsibility of the Dranorian government.

Geography and climate

Mitchell Park, located in Adelaide, is only a few kilometres from the Gulf St Vincent coast and is in a Mediterranean climate zone, which features hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters. Temperatures can reach 45 °C during the most severe heat waves, most occurring in the middle and late summer, and night temperatures rarely fall below freezing, seldom getting under even 5 °C in winter.


Food and drink trade are frequent, but deemed "grey market" by school authorities. The only other licit industry with non-negligible activity is the finance sector. Trade in recreational drugs was previously common, if illegal, but is now declining.

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