Kingdom of Turto

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The Royal Constitutional Kingdom of Turto
Upper Arms of Turto
Coat of arms
Motto: Through Struggle We Triumph
Anthem: The first 2 minutes and 5 seconds of Alla Hornpipe
CapitalHawkepool, Capital State
Largest citySvoboda
Official languagesTurtonian Royal English
Turtoin Movuen
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• King
King Todd
• Prime Minister
Todd Leon
EstablishmentDecember 28 2008 (original)
April 10 2010 (Monarchy)
March 27, 2013 (Constitution Act 2012)
• Census
c. 15
Time zoneUTC +9.30
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Turtonian Empire
w:Commonwealth of Australia
w:Commonwealth of Australia

The Kingdom of Turto (Also known by its long title The Royal Constitutional Kingdom of Turto) was a micronation located entirely within the state of South Australia. It was classified as 5th world micronation by the Boodlesmythe-Tallini classification system and 13.4 by Linden's Revised System of Classification. Turto was a kingdom constituting eight semi-independent unitary states which all fell under a central federalised government. Turto was first established in 2008 as the United Kingdom of Jennings and was later renamed in 2009 to the People's Republic of Turto, which through many political reformations came to become the Constitutional Kingdom of Turto, which suffered a major constitutional crisis resulting in the abolition of the Turtonian state, which is now succeeded by both Australia and Falcar


  • Up until the early 1800's, Turto's land was inhabited totally by indigenous Australians.
  • In 1988 The Land where Hawkepool and Dianne Province situated was bought by the parents of Todd Leon
  • In 2004 The Land where Svoboda now situates was bought by the parents of Todd Leon
  • In 2008 The United Kingdom of Jennings was formed, An early predictor of Turto.
  • In November 2009 Jennings fell to The Peoples Republic of Turto, Which situated Todd Leon as President and Samuel Fraser as Total Minister
  • In December 2010 The Peoples Republic Converted into Duxisim.
  • In April 2011 The People's Republic Collapsed, and The Turtonian Monarchy was formed.
  • In May 2011 Turto Colonized 3 New Colonies, Red Michell, Blue Michell, and Purple Michell.
  • In the same month Turto became an Empire.
  • In July 2011 The Former Dynasty is Disolved in way of the House of Winchcombe
  • in 2012 the Imperial rule of the Winchcombe dynasty collapsed, in favour of the Leon Dynasty
  • In 2013 The Royal Constitutional Kingdom of Turto Constitution Act 2012 was enacted, creating a system of law and introducing Parliament
  • In early 2014 the Turtonian State was abolished from failures in the structure of the Constitution Act 2012
  • In early 2015, the nation of Falcar was established as an official successor to Turto.


Taken from Last Census (April 2011)

  • No. of citizens: 9
  • Gender:
    • Female: 33.3%
    • Male: 66.6%
  • Macronation
    • Australia: 100%
  • Age structure:
    • 0–14 years: 22.2%
    • 15–64 years: 77.7%
    • 65 years and over: 0%
  • Religion:
    • Church of England: 11.1%
    • Greek Orthodox Christian: 33.3%
    • Unknown: 33.3%
    • Agnostic: 11.1%
    • Atheist: 11.1%
  • Life expectancy at birth:
    • total population: 81.81 years
    • male: 79.4 years
    • female: 84.35 years
  • Languages: Australian English, Turtoin Movuen, Greek, Royal Turtonian English
  • Literacy: 100%



Turtonian Ministries are known by either their department number (Such as TO1, for Turtonian Office 1) or formal title. Many Turtonian ministries have full formal titles, although they are only mainly used in Acts of Parliament and were very rarely used.

This is a list of the Ministries which operate inside the Turtonian Cabinet.

  • His Majesty's Attorney-General's Office (TO1)
  • His Majesty's Office for Ministries (TO2, Prime Ministers Office)
  • His Majesty's Office for the Archhung (TO3)
  • His Majesty's National Treasury (TO4)
  • His Majesty's Armed Forces (TO5)
  • His Majesty's Office for Media, Communication and Classification (TO6)
  • His Majesty's Office for Societies (TO7)
  • His Majesty's Secret Intelligence Office (TO8)
  • His Majesty's Security Office (TO9)
  • His Majesty's Office for Education, Skills, Jobs and Workplace Relations (TO10)
  • His Majesty's Office for Digital Economy (TO11)
  • His Majesty's Office for Foreign Affairs (TO12)
  • His Majesty's Immigration and Citizenship Office (TO13)
  • His Majesty's Office for Infrastructure and Transport (TO14)
  • His Majesty's Welfare Office (TO15)
  • His Majesty's Office for Families and Community (TO16)
  • His Majesty's Office for Environment, Power and Water (TO17)
  • His Majesty's Office for Further Education (TO18)
  • His Majesty's Office for Science and Research (TO19)
  • His Majesty's Office for Agriculture and Food (TO20)
  • His Majesty's Office for Energy Efficiency (TO21)
  • His Majesty's Office for Disaster Relief (TO22)

States of Turto

Name Head of District Capital Notes
Capital State His Royal Majesty King Edward I Hawkepool Capital Territory
Pakilopinith Dylan, Duke of Pakilopinith Pakilopinith City
Angelopia Commander Angelo Drapgrad
Svoboda Diane, Duke of Svoboda Clinton
Jakieland Valkyrie, Lady of Jakieland Jakiegrad
West Dianne Jackie, Archhung of West Dianne Hutch
East Dianne Jackie, Archhung of East Dianne N/A, De Facto Hutch No capital city, all government is operated from Hutch
Phillip Jackie, Archhung of Phillip De Jure Comcen, De Facto Hutch

States recognized by Turto

Nation Type Date Notes
Federated Republics of A1 Alliance* Unknown, possibly November 2009- 2014 Controversial, Due to reforms by both nations and the Alliance document being lost
Kingdom of Dranoria Alliance August 11, 2011 - 2014
Educational Republic of Rukora Alliance Unknown - 2014
Unitary Duchy of New Greece Unitary state of Turto (Annexed) Commonwealth of Australia] Annexed state
Revolutionary Republic of Free Bosnia Alliance January 2012 - 2014



According to the Boodlesmythe-Tallini system of classification, Turto is classified as a 10. Bricks and Mortar, Small, Statehood (5th World) micronation, this classification is what the government uses to refer to itself when referencing its importance.

Dan's System of Classification

Although Dan's System of Classification is broad, Turto is classified as a 5th World: A serious micronation with potential, but it will need an attractive culture to florish. micronation. Although not classified by Danland itself, it is the Central Governments official stand.

Linden's Revised System of Classification

Also known as the Categoric-Gradial System of Classification, Linden's system is the most specific classification for a broad view on Turto. Turto scores a 13.4 (3/4/5/3/2)

Miles's System of Economic Classification

Turto has not expanded it's economic potential, and (as of the 13th of May 2013) is ranked 2/2/2/4/2/2/5/1/2/-2 These factors are all then added-up together and divided by eight. 2 + 2 + 2 + 4 + 2 + 2+ 5 + 1 + 2 - 2 = 20/8 which is 2.5 which is rounded up to 3. giving turto a 3: This micronation has serious potential for a small economy. rating.

The GDP of Turto is 294 using the formula Y=C+I+(X-M)+G, with Y=GDP, C=Consumer Spending, I=Investment made by industry, X=Total Value of Exports, M=Total Value of Imports, and G=Government Spending.

Matthew's Democracy System of classification

according to Matthew's Democracy System of classification, Turto is classified as a 3, making it a Fair Democracy, but still needs improvement