His Majesty's Attorney-General's Office (Turto)

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Baroness of Phillip, The Diannes and Svoboda, The Honourable

Dianne Leon
Full Coat of Arms of HM Attorney-General's Office

1st Attorney-General of Turto
In office
14th Dec 2012 – 1st Jan 2015
Monarch Edward the Scholarent
Governor General Jakie Marionette
Prime Minister Todd Leon
Preceded by Todd Leon (as Total Minister)

Born 1963
Flag of Australia.svg Adelaide, Australia
Nationality Turtoflag1.png Turtonian
Residence Phillip, Turto
Military service
Years of service 1 1/2 hours
Rank First Division Soldier during the Jackie Incident

His Majesty's Attorney-Generals Office Also known as TO1 was a Turtonian Office which supports the Attorney-General

The only Attorney-General of the organisation was Dianne Leon, 1st Baroness of West Dianne, Phillip, East Dianne and Svoboda. In Turto, the Attorney-General was the first law officer of the Crown of Turto and the Second Representative of The King of Turto. The Attorney-General was also the Head of all Turtonian courts and chief Justice of the High Court of Turto. She also had rights to act as a Supreme Court Judge, District Court Judge or a Magistrate of any Turtonian Court.

The office was made defunct with the disestablishment of Turto


The Attorney-Generals office of Turto is the head of many departments ranging from the Department of Liquor and Gambling to the Federal Police.