Royal Society for Science and Technology

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Royal Society for Science and Technology
Wreath of the Group (2012 - 2015)
Awarded by the Prime Minister
Pensyeron (Movuen)
EligibilityMen and Women of Science
Awarded forAdvancing scientfic interests of Falcar and formally advising the Turtonian Government in relation to science
Prime MinisterTodd Leon
GradesMember of the Society (SST)

Distinguished Member (DSST) Doctor of the Sciences (sPhD)

Royal Membership (RSST)
Former gradesPersonal membership (SST [P])

Distinguished Personal Membership (SSTD)
Company membership (SST [C])
Royal membership (SST [R])
Applied Scientists (ASST)
Formal Scientists (FSST)
Life Scientists (LSST)
Natural Scientists (NSST)
Physical Scientists (PSST)
Earth Scientists (ESST)
Social Scientists (SEET)
Paranormal Scientists (GSST)

Distingusihed Scientists in their field (SCI)
Next (higher)Award of Culture
Next (lower)Group for the Conservation of Law

The Royal Society of Science and Technology was the Formal society in charge of advising the Turtonian Government on matters relating to Science and Technology before the establishment of Falcar. During the establishment of the Falcarian state the society had assumed the position of designing micronationally economical pacifist technology for the Falcarian State. Membership was open to all citizens who are interested in science. People who were experts in their field or contributed significantly to the society was invited to join the society at a higher level after being nominated.

Doctor of the Sciences

Interestingly, the only doctorship recognised micronationally by Falcar is that of Doctor of the Sciences (post nominals sPhD) which can only be obtained by holders of PhD degrees from macronational universities.


In January 2017 the society was disbanded. People holding post-nominals were able to retain them, although no new orders are granted.