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Absolute Unitary State of Pakilopinith

Absolute Unitary State of Turto
Motto: Through Struggle We Triumph
FoundedApx. 2012
GovernmentHeld within central power
KingTodd II
Prime MinisterTodd Leon

Pakilopinith is the 7th State of Turto and the second most recent. It was designated by King Todd II as a Absolute Unitary State due to Inactivity.


Turtonian Law is not enforced in Pakilopinith, though crime is almost non-existent. As Pakilopinith is deemed unactive, it does not have a state government, rather is treated as a territory of Capital State and is only regulated by the Central Turtonian Government.


Usefulness argument

The argument has been put forward that many Turtonian States, such as Pakilopinith and Jakieland, Pakilopinithian Reformists wish for Pakilopinith to be abolished and land returned to the Commonwealth of Australia. Although, Turto does not enforce the area, and as such King Todd II Rejects the reformist proposal.