Archhung of Turto

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The Archhung
Office Dissolved Jan 1 2015
Preceded by Jackie I

Vacant 18th of July 2012 - Dissolution of Turto

The Archhung of Turto was the third most powerful character within Turto, although was usually used as a ceremonial role invested in an animal. The Archhung also served as Minister for His Majesty's Office for the Archhung.

The word "Archhung" comes from the Movu Turto word "hung", which means "a small animal or insect" and "arch" which comes from the Greek "archon" (ἄρχων), which means "ruler".

Because the archhung was an animal, he was unable to use any of his roles.


The Archhung's main power was the ability to seize any Turtonian state from the owner. For example, if the archhung did not approve of the way in which the Duke of Jakieland was ruling, he would (theoretically) be able to seize the power of the duke and declare himself Head of District.

The archhung also had the power to announce an S.E (State of Emergency) in the district for a maximum of 30 days. After those 30 Days the prime minister may choose to continue the SE or remove it.

The archhung may also introduce laws to the states he declares as his own.

He was able to deploy any soldier of the Third Turtonian Division to any turtonian state, though he is unable to declare war or march troops outside the border. That power was selectively administered by the prime minister and king.


Due to the amount of power the Archhung posseses, some restrictions have been put on him.

  • The Archhung is not able to declare all Turtonian States as his own
  • The Archhung may not Seize any States that the Monarch is head of.
  • The Archhung cannot decide the next Archhung to take his place after his death. That power is vested in the King.


  • Contrary to belief, humans were eligible to take the position of Archhung, though none ever were elected to said office, there are no restrictions against Homo genus taking the position.
  • Must be of the kingdom Animalia or Metazoa
  • Must be a Turtonian Citizen (Human) or live in Turto (Animal)