Archhung of Falcar

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The Archhung
Ron. Bok
Lead Animal of the Kingdom of Falcar
Coat of Arms of Falcar
Ceremonial Flag of Ron. Bok as Archhung

Assumed office 
3 April 2019
Monarch Todd Leon
Preceded by Jackie I As Archhung of Turto

Citizenship Falcarian
Species Chicken
Military service
Service/branch Falcarian Army
Rank Animal Private
Unit 1st Animal Division

The Archhung of Falcar is an animal selected by the monarch to perform ceremonial duties during government events. Unless otherwise directed the Archhung holds the position for the lifetime of the animal.

The Archhung is a Cultural tradition of Falcar and celebrations are held annually on Animal Day, while their selection has come to be seen as an important requirement for the life of the culture of the Kingdom, distinguishing Falcarians as culturally separate from Australia.


Usually at the loss or death of an animal, the position of Archhung will become vacant for an undefined amount of time. After which the Monarch of Falcar will choose an Animal residing within one of the territories of the nation and bestow the title of Archhung upon the Animal (The title ceremony itself has not been standardised). The Animal also recieves the prefix title of Ron., a symbolic title given to prestigious Animals during the time of Turto.


The Archhung of Turto was an official position within the Kingdom of Turto which acted as a legislative vessel for the monarch to seize lands without himself being subjected to any perceived repercussions stemming from the annexation.The last Archhung of Turto, Jackie I Died in 2012 and the role was dissolved.

The word Archhung originally comes from the (now disused) Movu Turto word "hung", a small animal or insect and "arch" which comes from the Greek "archon" (ἄρχων), which means ruler.

On the Third of April 2019 the title was reincorporated into Falcarian Law, although holds no legislative role whatsoever and acts simply to describe a selected animal.

List of Archhungs

# Name Species Term Standard
1 First Archhung of Turto
Ron. Jackie I
Rabbit 8 Apr 2012 – 18 Jul 2012
(102 Days)
position vacant for seven years after dissolution of Turto
2 First Archhung of Falcar
Ron. Bok
Chicken 3 Apr 2019 – current Firstarchhungfalcar.png