Turtoin Movuen

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Turtoin Movuen
Regulated byMinistry'gove Turtoin Movuen
(Society for the Turtonian Language)
Spoken inTurto

Turtonian (Turtoin Movuen) is one of the two official languages of Turto and the least spoken. It is dubbed the "Courts Language" as many Turtonian Acts of Parliament and Court-defined laws are written in Turtonian. The language is currently regulated by the Society for the Turtonian Language as part of the Department of Linguistics (part of the Ministry for Media, Communication and Classification).


There are two official scripts in Turtonian, one of which is not in common use by mo'vu'en (The constructed language of which Turtonian is based upon). Although three are used. The three scripts are

  • Roman Turtonian (Malfaben) (official) - A variant of the original "Movuen" alphabet excluding the word separators, this is rarely used outside of Turtonian Movuen
  • Romanised Movuen Thrano (Mal'fan Tar'an'ow) (Official in Mo'vu'en, unofficial in Turtonian) - A romanisation of the original alphabet designed for mo'vu'en, it has word separators to define the end and start of a new phonological section
  • Movuen Thrano (Movuen.jpg) (official) - The original and preferred script to be used in Movuen.

Roman Turtonian

Roman Turtonian was developed from Romanised Movuen Thrano as a more advanced and quicker method of writing long amounts of text. It was adopted officially on the 8th of May 2013. The pronounciaton of letters is almost identical to that of English.

Romanised Movuen Thrano

Recognised as the original roman alphabet for Mo'vu'en, the Society for the Turtonian Language chose not to adopt it into Turtonian, rather to use the Roman Turtonian alphabet instead, although RMT is still seen in some official documents.

Movuen Thrano

Movuen Thrano was evolved from the original Thrano alphabet, although none of the original alphabets letters have the same meaning in Movuen Thrano.