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Falcarian Portland of Svoboda
Crown Land of Falcar


Acacia Blossoms Brighten the Sea (2015 - Current)
Mangroves in rich sand (2012-2014)
Yorke Peninsula, Australia
Capital cityPort Svoboda
GovernmentDuchy of Turto (2012 - 2015)
Falcarian Crown Land (2015 - Current)
- Commander of the PortsTodd Leon As Monarch
National dishCrab
National animalBlack Swan

Svoboda (From Svoboda, meaning Liberty or Freedom in Ukrainian) is a Crown Land of Falcar. It is the only port within Falcar, and home to various oceanic organisations, such as the Navy and the Royal Seamail. It is the largest territory within the micronation by land size and the only territory which is not Landlocked.


Svoboda is home to the most diverse range of flora and fauna within Falcar, including a diverse range of birdlife such as the pied cormorant and one of the smallest falcons in the world, the Nankeen kestrel.

Fishing and crabbing are popular recreational activities in and around the area, with common species being the Blue Swimmer and the King George whiting.

A view of Port Svoboda
Grey Mangroves are common in and around Port Svoboda

Temperatures range between 42 °C in summer and 15 °C in winter, with an average rainfall of 30.0 mm.


Svoboda was the 5th State of Turto and the most isolated, being over 100 km away from the Capital of Hawkepool. It was the only Turtonian State with a water border, creating a Naval presence for the state.

It was the only Turtonian state to house a national defence headquarters outside of the capital, the Turtonian Naval Headquarters.

It was unique in Turto due to the fact that it did not have a permanent population, and existed mainly to aid Naval operations.

Since the fall of Turto in early 2015, Falcar adopted the state as a Crown Land, retaining it's history within the nation. It is still home of the Falcarian Navy.


Due to its proximity to Spencer Gulf, Svoboda is a port city. The Falcarian Navy operates blue water (ocean-based) vessels and research from this location. The port itself does not consist of any permanent structures. It is no more than a stretch of land where smaller vessels are launched from the beach. Larger vessels may also be launched from this location by towing them out during low-tide and allowing them to float as the tide rises.

Non-falcarian vessels use the port as an Anchorage without landing, and often are sighted fishing in the waters off the port.