Falcarian language

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Falkarnu mewsolour

Regulated byRoyal Linguistc Company of Falcar
Spoken inFalcar, Arbonia
  • Mewsolour
    • Falcarian
Influenced byEnglish, Classical Latin, Turtonian, German, Ecclesiastical Latin, Wagiman, Kaurna, Nyungar

Falcarian (Falcarnu) is a conlang created & maintained by the Royal Linguistic Company as part of their duties outlined in the Linguistics Act 2016. Along with Australian English, it is an official language of Falcar.

Falcarian is a constructed inflected language with strong grammatical links to Latin, with minor English & Nyungan influences.

Outside of micronational use, Falcarnu is known as mewsolour. Mewsolour, unlike Falcarian, is not maintained by the Linguistic Company.

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