Royal Foundation Act (Falcar)

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The Government Foundation Act 2014 is the foundation act outlining the court system, legitimacy of accession, and other important founding legislature in the nation of falcar, although written and signed in 2014, it did not officially come to power until the 1st of January 2015.

Maiden nation

the Commonwealth of Australia is recognized as the maiden nation, and the Nation of Falcar has a duty to respond to legislature passed by the Maiden-Nation Elect (Prime Minister of Australia) which effects the rights and duties of the Falcarian nation or people thereof. This does not require laws deemed passive by the Falcarian Nation to be reviewed. Laws deemed incompatible or unsuitable for the Falcarian state are required to be countered by Falcarian legislature. The Queen of Britain is recognized as the Tzaress

Rights outlined

The act outlines many rights that the people of falcar possess, many of which are not covered by the Maiden Nation.

  • Servitude

No persons are to be held in slavery or solitude; nor shall any person be subject to slave trading.

  • Cruel Punishment

No persons shall be subjected to torture, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

  • Political Recognition

All persons reserve the right to full recognition before the law, and to equal treatment by members of the public office.

  • Presumption of Innocence

All people charged of a crime are to be presumed innocent until proven otherwise.

  • Right to Innocence

No person is to be charged or convicted of a crime without lack of reasonable doubt of guilt.

  • Freedom of Movement

All persons have the right to freely move within the nation or between Falcar and the Maiden Nation without hinderance.

  • Freedom of Thought

All persons have the right to freedom of thought and religion, the right to alter thought or religion or to manifest a religion, teaching, worship or practice.

  • Freedom to Assemble

All persons retain the right to freedom of movement and peaceful assembly and association.

  • Freedom of Political Assembly

If any persons wish to form a political party, the monarch or government is not to prohibit its formation and is rather to introduce a system of parliament to provide representation of said parties.

Definitions of land

The Falcarian constitution outlines a Territorial claims, as listed below.

  • Crown Lands

Crown Land refers to territories and lands possessed by the Monarch or their family.

  • Maiden Lands

Maiden Lands refer to special territories and lands within the Commonwealth of Australia which contain a majority of citizens possessing Falcarian Citizenship, and as such de-facto nationhood exists.

  • Dukedoms (Shires)

Dukedoms refer to territories and lands possessed by persons of Falcarian Citizenship who agree to the assimilation of their land to the Nation of Falcar.

  • Dependant Territory

Dependant territories are territories that are maintained and upheld by the nation of falcar, while not in legal possession of the land itself, it is occupied by the falcarian government.

Full text

The constitution also covers a range of issues including titles, courts and militaries. A full text can be requested through the Falcarian Microwiki Page.