Bank of Falcar

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The Bank of Falcar
Central Bank
IndustryMinting & Monetary Regulation
PredecessorBank of Turto
FoundedKanin, Falcar
FounderFirst King of Falcar Todd Leon
Kingdom of Falcar
Area served
Key people
OwnerThe Monarch
ParentThe Banker-General
DivisionsThe Royal National Bank

The Bank of Falcar is the Central Bank of Falcar with main duties to regulate and control the monetary supply, implement and print currency for the nation and maintain government expenditure under instruction of The Crown. It was founded on the 30th of June 2016 by signing of the Monetary Authority Act by Todd Leon


The duties outlined in the act are as follows

  • To Control The Nations Monetary Supply;
  • To Decide the Value of Currency;
  • Founding, Maintaining, and Printing of Currency;
  • To Maintain Precious Metal Reserves
  • To Maintain Macronational Currency Reserves;
  • To Implement Monetary Policies;
  • To maintain the income generated by state-owned corporations (Crown Corporation);
  • The Maintain Government Expenditure Under the instruction of the Crown;
  • To Grant and Maintain wages of public officials;
  • To act as regulator to the banking industry

Banking System


The Royal National Bank

As an independent division of the Bank of Falcar, The Royal National Bank is in charge of personal banking within the nation, including the holding of money within Accounts, Lending money to persons or private companies and coversion of currencies.

The Royal National Bank has set duties to

  • Receive and Loan money to citizens;
  • Establish banking accounts for the people of Falcar
  • To Convert currencies to and from Falcarian and other micro/macronational currencies;
  • To Prevent Banking Fraud;
  • To Establish Virtual Banking

2019 Budget

On the second of July 2019, the Monarch properly divided the budget for the nation

  • Defence Navy - 3%
  • Defence Army - 0.8%
  • Defence Air - 0.8%
  • Defence Cyber Defence - 2%
  • Defence Civil Research - 5%
  • Defence Service order - 0.8%
  • Culture Botanical Corporation - 6%
  • Culture Library Acquisitions - 9.8%
  • Culture Archive Storage - 5%
  • Culture National Parks - 9%
  • Culture Linguistic Company - 2%
  • Culture Library Storage - 1.2%
  • Culture Media regulation - 2%
  • Telecommunications Postal Service (upkeep) - 2%
  • Telecommunications Website - 1.6%
  • Telecommunications Microwiki - 1%
  • Telecommunications Postal Service (Service) - 20%
  • Banking System Research - 2%
  • Banking System Upkeep - 1%
  • Banking System National Savings Fund - 14.2%
  • Judicial Legal Fund - 2%
  • Judicial Paraphernalia - 2%