Award of the Acacia (Falcar)

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Award of the Acacia (Falcar)

(top) Circlet to be awarded to future Knighthoods
Ribbon to be appointed to future recipients
Awarded by The Prime Minister
Type Civilian Award
Motto floribus flavis in pluviam
Eligibility Falcarian Citizens; At the discretion of the Prime Minister
Status Not currently constituted
Prime Minister Currently Dissolved
Todd Leon as Emperor
Grades Recipient (ACIA) Knighthood (KAIA)
First induction None (As of 2016)
Total inductees 0
Next (higher) Falcarian Service Medal
Next (lower) Turtonian Armed Forces Star

The Award of the Acacia is an award given to citizens of Falcar at the discretion of the Prime Minister, as of May 2016 the award has yet to be constituted, as the position of Prime Minister is currently dissolved.

The award is to be awarded on the first day of september of each year, recognised within the Maiden-Nation as Wattle Day. All recipients are permitted to use the post-nominals ACIA, while only those chosen by the prime minister to be brought before the monarch and knighted may use the circlet and the post-nominal KAIA