Award of the Silver Rabbit (Falcar)

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The Falcarian Silver Rabbit
Circlet of the Knighthood of the Silver Rabbit
Awarded by The Monarch
EligibilityCitizens from Falcar who show civil gallantry.
StatusCurrently constituted
MonarchTodd Leon

Distinguished Member (SRM)

Knighthood (SRK)
First induction2016
Total inductees3
Next (higher)Turtonian Armed Forces Star
Next (lower)Order of the Brushtailed Possum

The Award of the Silver Rabbit, also known as the Falcarian Silver Rabbit or simply The Silver Rabbit, is one of the highest awards that can be constituted to non-political, non-royal and non-militia citizen of Falcar. It may be awarded to citizens who have contributed to the establishment of States, the establishment of Foreign Relations, the stimulation of micronational citizenship or have shown any other major ambition towards the nation.

The Award may be granted in three grades, membership grants the awardee no special titles, distinguished membership grants the awardee post-nominals, while a knighthood grants them the right to post-nominals, a change of title and use of the circlet. No person may hold more then one grade of the award at any time, and promotion in grading is done at the discretion of the Monarch.

The circlet of the award was designed and ratified on the 29th of May 2018 coinciding with the foundation of the Order of the Brushtailed Possum.