Falcarian Defence Force

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Falcarian Defence Force
Lioncèèm Falcaræ Falcèvé
Flag of the Kingdom of Falcar during wartime
Active 2015 - Present
Country Falcar
Allegiance Todd Leon
Branch Falcarian Navy

Falcarian Army
Falcarian Air Force
Falcarian Cyber Force

Type Royal Defence Service
Headquarters Arbonia
Colors Red, Yellow, Blue
March Der einsame Hirte
Anniversaries 10 January
Annual budget 11.6% of overall expenditure
Engagements None as of 2017
Service Medal The Wartime Service Order
Commander-In-Chief Todd Leon as Monarch
Defence General Todd Leon As Prime Minister
Admiral of the Fleet Admiral Sir Henry Rudd FKT
Commander General
Land, Air and Networks
Position Vacant

The Falcarian Defence Force also known as The FDF and natively Lioncèèm Falcaræ Falcèvé is the chief body responsible for the defence, attack, Marinetime research and peace-time operational capabilities for The Kingdom of Falcar


The Defence Forces were orignally formed as His Majesty's Royal Armed Forces during the Turtonian Era by the enactment of the Defence Powers Act 2013, which also formed the Turtonian Police Forces.

After the disestablishment of Turto the army was dissolved and later in 2015 reformed as the Falcarian Armed Forces.

Later in 2015, a decision was made to replace the word Armed with Defence, as armed implies an offensive position.

Command Structure

Rank Navy Army Air Force Cyber force Notes
7 Star His Majesty the Commander-in-Chief His Majesty the Commander-in-Chief His Majesty the Commander-in-Chief His Majesty the Commander-in-Chief The Monarch of Falcar
- Prime Minister of Falcar Prime Minister of Falcar Prime Minister of Falcar Prime Minister of Falcar Operates in Conjunction with the Commander-In-Chief
5 Star Admiral of The Fleet Commander-General Land-Air-Networks Commander-General Land-Air-Networks Commander-General Land-Air-Networks Interprets orders and commands lower ranked officers with directions given to him by the Commander-In-Chief and has direct control over the specific action(s) of their divisions.
4 Star Admiral General Air Marshal Network Marshal Recieves orders from 5 Star officers and commands or operates groups of 10 to 20 Defence Systems (Ships, Squadrons, battalions and multi-system networks) (Not currently decorated)
3 Star Captain Colonel Wing Commander Server Controller maintains personnel who operate defence systems. (Not currently decorated)
2 Star Lieutenant Officer Flying Officer Systems Officer Personnel who operate defence systems (Highest Rank)
1 Star Midshipman Corporal Pilot Corporal Networker Personnel who operate defence systems (Standard Rank)
Single Ribbon Seaman Private Pilot Cadet Petty Networker Lowest rank of personnel, trainees and demoted officers.