Jackie I

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The Archhung

Ron. Jackie I

1st Archhung of Turto
In office
8th of April 2012 – 18th of July 2012
(102 Days)
Monarch Edward the Scholarent
Preceded by Position Established
Succeeded by Position unfilled and later dissolved
succeeded seven years later by
Ron. Bok, Archhung of Falcar

Born Unknown
Flag of Australia.png Adelaide, Australia
Died 17th of July 2012
Flag of Australia.png Adelaide, Australia
Nationality Turtoflag1.png Turtonian
Residence West Dianne, Turto (modern Outer Falcar)
Species Rabbit
Cause of Death Car Accident
Military service
Years of service 1
Rank Commander of the 3rd Division

Ron. Jackie was the first and only Archhung of Turto and only member of the Jackie Dynasty. Born in Australia, he was bought by the Prime Minister from a pet store in Adelaide. He was found dead by an Australian Resident on the 17th of July, 2012. It is presumed her death is a result of a Car Accident


Jackie lived in the area of West Dianne (modern Outer Falcar) for most of his life. he was well fed and hydrated by the king and the king's parents.


During a visit from another rabbit Diamond. the Archhung jumped his enclosure into the other rabbits hutch many times over a course of two weeks and a possibility of offspring was mentioned, it was later noticed Diamond did not bare any successors.


On the night of monday, the 16th of July 2012 Jackie escaped her enclosure, the archhung was left freed in the state of West Dianne.

On the morning of tuesday, the 17th of July the King-Prime Minister went into Australia to attend his regular schooling, He was not informed about the missing Archung.

at 4:58 PM on the same day, The king was informed that the Archhung was missing. The Media was informed and the First Division of the Turtonian Army was deployed by direct order of King Edward at 5:28 PM in an attempted search and rescue operation. after 2 hours of searching, the mission was called off as it was getting too dark to continue. This is the only time ground forces of Turto have ever been deployed.

The following day at 5:51 PM the government recieved a call from a "seemingly upset" Australian Resident. He had told officials that he had found a dead rabbit laying on the side of the road on the morning of tuesday the 17th. The body was never recovered and it is thought to have either been buried inside the yard of the resident, or somewhere within australian territory. A death certificate was signed at 5:52 PM with the signature of the king, it attributed the cause of death to "A likely car accident".

The Archhung and story surrounding him is one of the Foundation Stories of Falcar.

Titles of Jackie I

Turtoflag1.png Federal Level

  • Ron. Jackie I, Archhung of Turto

WestDianne.jpg West Dianne

  • Ron. Jackie I, Archhung of West Dianne, Defender of the People and Life, Defender of the Faith, Commander of the Third Division.

EastDianne.jpg East Dianne

  • Ron. Jackie I, Archhung of East Dianne, Defender of the People and Life, Defender of the Faith, Commander of the Third Division.

Phillipflag.jpg Phillip

  • Ron. Jackie I, Archhung of Phillip, Defender of the People, Defender of the Faith, Commander of the Third Division

New greece.jpg New Greece