Ron of Falcar

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Ron of Falcar
Awarded by Legislature on behalf of the Monarch
TypePrefix-specific animal award
Eligibilitythe Archhung of Falcar
Statusconstituted to all Archhungs of Falcar on their accession.
GradesRecipient Animal (Ron.)
Total inductees2 (inc. Turtonian inductees)
Next (higher)Medal of the Jackie Incident
Next (lower)none

The Ron of Falcar is a suffix-only award granted to the Archhung of Falcar as a symbolic act continuing on from the Kingdom of Turto. It is only granted to animals and humans are completely ineligible.

The Title Ron is assumed to come from the Turtonian Language, although the meaning itself has been lost over time.

It appears in the Falcarian Awards and Honors List as it is a legislative requirement for all prefixes and suffixes granted by the government to belong to an order, so that people with multiple awards have a standard order for their ceremonial name.

It was reinstated for the first time in Falcar on the third of April 2019.