His Majesty's Secret Intelligence Office

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His Majesty's Secret Intelligence Office
TO8 seal.png
Arms of His Majesty's Secret Intelligence Office
Agency overview
Formed2009 (as IPN)
2010 (As USI)
2012 (Current State)
Preceding agency
MottoInnocence Proves Nothing
Annual budgetClassified
Minister responsible

His Majesty's Secret Intelligence Office or TO8 was the national intelligence agency of Turto. TO8 was responsible for intelligence collection, covert operations, counterterrorism, and protecting Turtonian interests online. The office was also in charge of protecting the King and the Prime Minister of Turto in foreign nations. It was one of the main entities within the Turtonian Intelligence Community, along with His Majesty's Security Office and divisions within the Armed Forces. TO8 Reported directly to the Prime Minister.

The motto of the organisation Innocence Proves Nothing comes from the organisation's abbreviation when it was founded.


TO8 started as a minor hacking group within one of the high schools the king attended as a student. At the time the organisation comprised of two agents under the title IPN (Innocence Proves Nothing). after a hacking crisis within the school the now king took full responsibility for actions, including actions he had not committed and the king was suspended from the school for a week. This incident prompted the temporary disestablishment of IPN.

IPN was later refounded under the title USI (United Student Intelligence). USI was a much more pacifist organisation, focusing primarily on intelligence gathering. USI officially became a division of the People's Republic of Turto in 2010 and was assigned the shield it retains to this day. The office is still informally known as USI. TO8 is the second oldest institution within Turto (First being the University of Jennings) and the only one to remain constantly active to this day.

USI was the overall intelligence gathering office in Turto before the split of USI into TO8 and TO9. in 2012 TO8 lost permission to operate within Turto.

TO8 and T09 were officially disembanded by the signing of the Constitution of Falcar

Alleged Operations

The following also includes operations committed by USI and IPN.


  • in 2009 IPN hacked a network within a government high school, the mission was unsuccessful and one of the two operatives was captured and found responsible.
  • in 2011 USI confirmed an "Intelligence Gathering Operation" was in effect in Australia, this is presumed to have finished.
  • in 2011 USI is presumed to have committed an offensive computer operation, though this has never been confirmed.