Harmony South (Micronation)

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Not to be confused with Harmony South.

Harmony South is a micronation founded on 22 February 2019. Harmony South is considered a peaceful nation, with a strong economy. Harmony South is made up of 3 districts, the Yellow District, the Green District, and the Lavender District. Harmony South has 8 cities, 3 in the Green District, another 3 in the Lavender District and 2 in the Yellow District. The capital city is Capital Serenity, and the biggest city is the Yellow City. Harmony South has 58 citizens, and 25 residents in claimed areas.

South Harmony
Flag of Harmony South.jpeg

Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner PEACE
Capital cityCapital Serenity
Largest cityYellow City
Official language(s)English, Thai
Recognised languagesRussian, French, Arabic, German
DemonymSouth Harmony
GovernmentParliamentary absolute monarchy
- Grand RulerPrince Zed I
- Vice-Grand RulerAsnee
- Prime MinisterLam Chan
- Peace-merAnthony Dickson
Established22 February 2019
Population58 (Citizens), 25 (Residents)
CurrencySouth Harmony Dong
Time zoneUTC +2
National animalWolf


Harmony South claimed independence from another micronation, the Socialist United Republic of Ünie on 9 November 2018, originally called the Kingdom of New Ünie.

The Kingdom of New Ünie gained popularity quickly, and on 22 February 2019 changed its name to Harmony South and adopted a new national constitution.

It became a member of the Organisation of Active Micronations (New Eiffel Union) on 23 February 2019, a day after Harmony South was founded.



Harmony South is famous for its cuisine. Redling Pizza and Apple Pie are the most favourited dishes. Pineapples are also grown in Harmony South.


Fortnite dances are, unfortunately, very popular.

Foriegn relations