Principality of the Kingdom of Inival

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Kingdom Of Inival

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Capital cityFwhyde
Largest cityFwhyde
Official language(s)English, Dutch
Short nameInval
GovernmentConstitutional parliamentary monarchy
- Inivalian MonarchyKing Michael II
- Prime Minister of InivalHis Lordship Aldan Malpas
LegislatureParliament of Inival
Established14 April 2015
Area claimed1538 m2
Only 9 permanently live in Inival (2016)
CurrencyInivalian pound (pegged to the pound sterling)
Time zoneGMT + 11m
National drinkRoyal Bitter Tea
National animalJaguar, chicken, polar bear

Inval, officially the Kingdom of Inval, is an autonomous territorial entity which claims to be a sovereign state but is more commonly referred to as a micronation by external observers. Founded on the island of Great Britain, Inival declared independence from the United Kingdom in April 2015. It is an enclave and country, consisting of Four non-contiguous pieces of land in Great Britain


On the 14 of april 2015 the kingdom of inival (inival) was founded by King Michael The II, Then Prince Michael

On the 17 of January Inival elected its First Prime Minister His Lordship Aldan Malpas

In late 2015 King Michael I abdicated from the throne and passed it on to Prince Michael

In early 2016 Inival started its first foreign exports and set up the "Atlantic Trade Committee of Micro Nations" allow the free movement of goods, services and capital within the internal market of the committee

On the 1st of march 2016 King Michael II unveiled the national clock showing the Inivalian standed time which is 10 minutes faster then UK GMT

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Legal status


Inival is a semi-constitutional monarchy ruled by the King; the Throne is hereditary, and on the 18 of December 2015 King Michael I abdicated and passed the throne onto King Michael

King Michael II is head of state as Monarch, and holds vast executive, legislative, and judicial powers. He is advised by the Privy Council, a body which he can consult for and which can issue the Monarch with non-binding advice and suggestions but the king ultermately decides weather laws and polices should be put in place

On a daily basis, most executive power is exercised by the Monarch and Cabinet of Inival (which there are 5 members,) with the Prime Minister acting mostly as a go-between who helps to co-ordinate the policies of Cabinet in accordance with the wishes of the Monarch. Legislative power is vested in Parliament, which is comprised of the Monarch, Prime Minister, Cabinet and 6 other mps .

The part of Inival under the control of the central government is split into districts of Four Towns, each theoretically run by the monarch accept for Tineae which is run by a council of 3 members, and five Territories . All MPs make up parliament, out of which is elected by universal suffrage the Prime Minister no less often than every four years. The Prime Minister and House of Representatives propose, debate and reword laws to be passed. They are then given Imperial Consent by the Monarch, entering them into law.

The kingdom Of Inival also contains two Crown Dependencies, which fall under the direct and absolute authority of the Monarch, with Governing Commissioners being appointed to represent him and exercise his power - the governing commissioners of gardahyde and branfwide report to the King To decide on laws and polacys. Acts of Parliament and other Inivalian laws do not apply to Crown Dependencies unless explicitly stated As the King decides on all laws and policies in Crown Dependencies, with the King exercising near-absolute domestic power.