Grand Duchy of Vundenberg

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Grand Duchy of Vundenberg
Grand Ducal Flag
Grand Ducal Seal

Risen from the ashes
March on, Vundeners!

Official language(s) English, German
Official religion(s) Roman Catholicism
Demonym Phoklandian (Vundener)
Government Absolute Monarchy
- Grand Duke/Duchess Grand Duke Charles
Established 30 June 2019
Population 3
Currency USD

The Grand Duchy of Vundenberg is an administrative district/city state within the Tsardom of Phokland. Said area also acts as the capital of Phokland.


A great deal of tension exist between several micronations in regards to ownership of the territory. Several states claim (often overlapping) sections of land within the area.


While multiple states claim ownership over the area, the most prominent (and recognized) claims are those made by Phokland and the Empire of Austenasia (as a territory known as Bregusland).

List of claims

Nation Area Claimed Date of Claim Status Recognition
Tsardom of Phokland All of Vundenberg (except Bregusland and Velusia) 27 December 2017 Occupies Territory Universally Recognized
Empire of Austenasia Side yard of Vundenberg (Royal Esate) 14 March 2019 Occupies Territory Universally Recognized
Principality of Graustark All of Vundenberg (except Bregusland) 25 August 2019 Minor Occupation No Recognition
Sacred Roman Empire Phoklandian controlled Vundenberg 23 September 2019 de facto occupation Limited Recognition (by Phokland and Emosia)
Empire of Emosia Whole Vundenberg coastline 26 March 2019 Minor Occupation Limited Recognition (by Phokland)
Commonwealth of Wynland All of Vundenberg 18 September 2019 Military Occupation No Recognition
United States All of Vundenberg 14 February 1912 Default claim U.N. Recognition