Commissioner of Bregusland

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Governing Commissioner of Bregusland
Bregusland Territory Coat of Arms.png
Colonial Coat of Arms
Charles Ross in 2020 B&W.jpg
Charles Ross

since 6 March 2020
StyleHis Excellency the Governing Commissioner (formally)
His Excellency (informally)
Term lengthat his imperial majesty's leisure
Formation6 March 2020

The Governing Commissioner (also known simply as just Commissioner) of the Bregusland Crown Dependency is de facto Head of State for the colony. Said position is held indefinitely at the "leisure" of the reigning Monarch of Austenasia. While in office, the Commissioner serves as the official representative of the Emperor/Empress within Bregusland and as such; acts as final say on all matters of internal governance and ceremonial affairs. The official residence of the Commissioner is Government House, a building located near the center of Bregusland.

List of Commissioners

Image Name Term start Term end Notes
Charles Ross in 2020 B&W.jpg Charles Ross 6 March 2020 Incumbent Served previously as Governor of Bregusland (14 March 2019 - 6 March 2020)
Standard of the Commissioner of Bregusland
Sign hanging outside of the Commissioner's Office