Kingdom of Rosston

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Kingdom of Rosston
Motto: Why Not?
Anthem: Oh Rosston!

Original land claim of the Kingdom of Rosston

Capital: Roomsville
Largest City: Fort Playground
Official Language: English
Demonym: Rosstanian
Government: Absolute Monarchy
Leader: King Charles I
Foundation: 10 February 2007
Dissolved: 11 December 2013 (Became Phokland)
Population: N/A (Believed to be around 10)
Currency: US dollar (Unofficial), Character Bucks

The Kingdom of Rosston was a non-sovereign "micronation" that existed from 2007 until it's dissolution in 2013. The nation was founded by an elementary school aged Charles Ross in early 2007 inside the boundaries of his primary school's playground. His reasons for creating Rosston were that he wanted to see if a child was capable of running their own country and that he wanted control over the playground.

Initial "Independence"

At exactly noon on the 10th of February 2007, Charles "Charlie" Ross declared in the presence of his close friends the formation of the Kingdom of Rosston. Shortly after this, Mr. Ross declared himself King, styling himself "King Charles I". His first act as monarch was to declare his friends subjects of the new kingdom.


Following it's creation, Rosston slowly grew in size, annexing King Charles I's bedroom. Following this, information about the nation becomes rarer as the kingdom lacked a sufficient form of record keeping. It is however believed, that the nation engaged in several small "conflicts" with other "micronations" that were ran by King Charles' friends as well as getting involved in several small skirmishes with groups of people at the school. However, this can be neither confirmed nor denied and research into the period between 2008-2013 is still ongoing.


Between September–December of 2013, Rosston began losing subjects rapidly as many of King Charles' friends had grown disinterested in the project as they had either become bored with the kingdom or had simply grown out of it. By the end of the year, it was decided by King Charles that the nation lacked the motivation necessary to continue it's existence. Therefore on the evening of the 11th of December 2013, The Kingdom of Rosston (as a nation) was dissolved and King Charles I indefinitely suspended his role as monarch.


The legacy of Rosston continues today in the forms of the city of Rosston, which served as the micrasian capital of the Tsardom of Phokland (the successor state of the Kingdom of Rosston) and with the former national anthem of Rosston being used as the marching anthem of the Phoklandian Border Patrol.