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Types of government

A monarch is a person or people who heads a monarchy, a form of government in which a nation's sovereignty is vested in an individual, sometimes with political powers exercised by that person. Monarchs may be autocrats, as in absolute monarchy, or ceremonial heads of state with little to no power, or may possess a level of power anywhere in between. A legally bound monarch is known as a constitutional monarch.

Most states only have a single monarch at any given time, although a regent may rule when the monarch is a minor, not present or debilitated. Two monarchs have ruled simultaneously in some countries, as in the ancient Greek city-state of Sparta or the joint sovereignty of spouses or relatives (e.g. William and Mary of Kingdom of England and Scotland, Peter and Ivan of Russia & Charles and Joanna of Castile.).


Monarchs have various titles - king or Queen (e.g. King of Spain, Queen of England), Prince or Princess (e.g. Sovereign Prince of Monaco), Emperor or Empress (e.g. Emperor of Japan, Empress of India), Tsar or Tsarina (e.g. Tsar of Bulgaria, Tsarina of Russia) or even Duke or Grand Duke/Duchess (e.g. Grand Duke of Luxembourg). Many monarchs are distinguished by titles and styles. They often take part in certain ceremonies, such as a coronations, state visits and other such functions.

Succession and government types

Monarchies are associated with political or hereditary rule. Most monarchs, both historically and in the present day, have been born and brought up within a royal family over a period of time. This is known as a dynasty, and this upbringing usually involves training for future duties. Different systems of succession have been used, such as proximity of blood, primogeniture and agnatic seniority (Salic law). Whilst traditionally most monarch have been male, female monarchs have ruled in antiquity. The term "queen regnant" refers to a ruling monarch, while a "queen consort" refers to the wife of a reigning king.

Some monarchies are non-hereditary. In an elective monarchy, the monarch is elected but otherwise serves as any other monarch. Historical examples of elective monarchy include the Holy Roman Emperors (chosen by prince-electors but often coming from the same dynasty) and the free election of kings of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. Modern examples include the Yang di-Pertuan Agong of Malaysia and the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, who serves as Sovereign of the Vatican City State and is elected to a life term by the College of Cardinals.

Monarchies have existed throughout the world, although in recent centuries many states have abolished the monarchy and becomes republics. Advocacy of republics is called "Republicanism", while advocacy of monarchies is called "Monarchism". The principal advantage of a hereditary monarchy is the immediate continuity of leadership, with a usually short interregnum (as seen in the classic phrase "The King is dead. Long live the King!"). Form of governments may be hereditary without being considered monarchies, such as that of family dictatorships or political families, which are present in many democracies.

List of current micronational monarchs

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Picture Style Name Realm(s) Reign start
His Imperial Majesty Aaron I Sprinske Empire 30 October 2020
EmperorOfAdammia.jpg His Imperial Majesty Emperor Adam I Empire of Adammia 13 April 2013
Adam.jpg His Majesty King Adam I Kingdom of Überstadt 14 November 2011
Her Majesty Queen Anastasia Kingdom of Ruritania 17 May 2010
His Imperial Majesty Emperor Andrew Imperial Barnland 26 November 2021
His Royal Majesty King Andrew I Kingdom of Pontunia 12 January 2020
His Imperial Majesty Anthony I, Emperor of Saspearian Saspearian 20 October 2017
His Majesty Arthur II of Ebenthal Ebenthal 29 December 2019
His Royal Imperial Majesty Emperor Arturo I Cordoba Empire 21 September 2018
His Majesty Brandon I of Matachewan Grand Kingdom of Matachewan 30 June 2015
His Majesty Carlo I of Landopia Kingdom of Landopia 20 december 2018
Her Majesty High Queen Charlotte Commonwealth of Uskor 27 August 2017
Her Imperial Majesty
Her Imperial and Royal Majesty
Summi Imperatoria
Christina I & II
Grand Republic of Cycoldia
Cycoldian Imperium
6 November 2018
His Imperial Majesty Emperor Christopher Currvanian Empire 11 October 2019
His Royal Highness Archduke Christopher II Archduchy of Mimas 30 April 2015
File:Impapeq.jpg His Holy Imperial Majesty Emperor Claudio I Holy Empire of Reunion 27 August 1997
Her Sovereign Highness Princess Cloe Principality of Sancratosia 1 December 2021
His Royal Majesty King Connor I Kingdom of Atovia 05 May 2017
File:DanielHamilton-IkoniaPortrait.png His Royal Highness Grand Duke Daniel I Unified Royal States of Australis 28 May 2020
File:Birthday Portrait of Rashtradhyaksh Varuna Sriraya (2023).jpeg His Illustrious and Royal Majesty Rashtradhyaksh Varuna Sriraya  Vishwamitra 1 August 2020
His Majesty Prince Dominic Principality of Domanglia 24 May 2011
His Imperial Majesty Emperor Dustinian I  Sitkan Empire 12 March 2024
His Imperial Majesty Elias Oberholtz 3 October 2019 - Present
His Imperial Majesty Emperor Francis I Second American Empire 8 December 2020
His Majesty Mark of Granby Kingdom of Granby 27 March 2024
His Imperial Majesty Emperor George II Empire of Atlantium 27 November 1981
His Imperial Majesty Emperor Ivan VII  Empire of Pavlov 17 February 2022
His Majesty King Jackson I Empire of Kapreburg 17 May 2019
His Imperial Majesty Emperor James I Empire of Kyberia 13 February 2019
His Majesty King Jerold I Kingdom of Arlandica 26 December 2020
His Majesty Jan Majer Palikowski Wielki I
Kingdom of Majerówka
28 February 2023
His Majesty/His Imperial Majesty King John Baustralia, and the dominions, Emperor of Ostreum 27 April 2018
ICJA.jpg His Imperial Majesty Emperor Jonathan I Empire of Austenasia 20 January 2013
ICJA.jpg His Majesty King Jonathan Independent State of the Rhine 17 January 2021
His Illustrious Royal Exalted and Excellent Majesty King Kevin I
Kingdom of Blazdonia
5 April 2021
Her Majesty Queen Lily Jane I Queendom of Rheinwall 18 September 2020
File:LouisPhillipeKingOfEminiaPortrait.jpg His Majesty King Louis Phillipe Kingdom of Eminia 13 December 2020
His Majesty Stadhouder Lucas United Provinces of Mauritia 24 July 2013
His Majesty Łukasz I Kingdom of Krzakacja 4 August 2021
Her Majesty Queen Maria I United Kingdom of Sildavia and Borduria 17 February 2020
Adam.jpg His Imperial Majesty Queen Maríe I Kingdom of Istria 17 May 1960 – 5 April 1980

(first Istrian Reign)

23 May 2022

(second Istrian Reign)

His Royal Majesty Matthew Kingdom of Liahonia 27 January 2020
File:Crown Prince Mehmet, 2022.jpg His Imperial Majesty Sultan Mehmet II Sultanate of Tungristan 24 September 2022
Niels flandrensis.jpg His Royal Highness Grand Duke Nicholas Grand Duchy of Flandrensis 4 September 2008
His Royal Highness King Nicolo I Otaliana 12 December 2020
Emperor-King Oscar I Karnia-Ruthenia
Occidian Empire
19 November 2014
7 August 2020
His Highness Emperor Pao Empire of Huai Siao 28 October 2018
Quentin port.jpg His Royal & Imperial Majesty King Quentin I Holy Roman Empire
Kingdom of Wyvern
27 October 2009
His Majesty King Samson I Kingdom of Krunmark 24 June 2020
His Imperial Majesty Tsar Stefan I Great Lawl Reich 17 February 2014
His Royal Highness Grand Duke Travis Grand Duchy of Westarctica
Colony of Calsahara
1 November 2001 to 14 January 2006 (first Westarctican reign)
12 September 2012 (current Westarctican reign)
29 October 2017 (as Overlord of Calsahara)
His Majesty Peter Rajda Kingdom of Xcinosia 6 October 2023
His Imperial and Illustrious Majesty Benjamin I of Levinia Empire of Levinia 6 November 2022
His Royal Majesty Luis III, Emperor of Smlosa Kingdom of Smlosa 2 January 2024

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