Maríe I of Istria

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Maríe Nina-Iordan
Queen of Istria
Queen of Istria
Reign17 May 1960 - 20 September 2023
Coronation25 January 1961
SuccessorNational Commission
Born23 February 1934 (1934-02-23) (age 90)
Bucharest, Romania
Maríe-Nina Iordan
FatherComp I
MotherSara I
ReligionOrthdox Christian
SignatureMaríe Nina-Iordan's signature

Maríe I of Istria (born Maríe-Nina Iordan, on 12 May 1934 in Bucharest, Romania) is the reigning Queen of the Kingdom of Istria since 23 May 2022. She has been the pretender to the throne of Istria in her capacity as head of the Royal Family of Istria since 1960 and has also served as an Advisor to the Government prior to her formally taking over as head of state and queen in May 2022 until September 2023.

Early and personal life

Maríe I was born on 12 May 1934 to her parents, Sara I who would become the Queen of Istria in December the same year and her husband Comp I. Her birth name is Maríe-Nina Iordan. She attained her education from the Bildum Skrata, one of the royal academies within in the kingdom, which is named after one of the greatest writers. She was taught on subjects including literature, science, politics, theatre, music, mathematics and she graduated in 1951. She decided to end her academical interests in order to pursue and take over royal duties.



On 17 May 1960, then Queen Sara I passed away which was just months after the demise of her husband, Comp I, who was her co-monarch. The demise of both monarchs was a very important national solidarity period which lasted until January the next year as a mark of respect for the two. The great deal of preparation put in the second crowning from the Istrian history is a remembrance of the work of the Beletristic Assotiation. This Association assured the process of coronation would be perfect. The procession would go as it got for HM Mother and Father, and be done for both monarchs at the same time (for HM The Queen to be Crowned as Queen, and HM The King to be crown as Lord Prince of the House of Princes, the gouvernmental institution). Three carriges, in the middle their majesties, in the back her sisters, in the front the archibishops carriage. The procession started at HM Royal Palace, and ended at the Royal Pandemburg I Church, rebuilt after a fire. This place filled with tradition and people of all ages has welcomed their majesties. Seven times the bell ringed and They were welcomed in silance and prayer as a fill of respect for the late King and Queen. Then the coronation started, HM vowed to the cardinal points to protect the nation, and HRH had to say a vow to in front of its Principial Court.

Her Coronation took place on the 25th January 1961, when, for the first time, all the crown jewels wore reunited. She decreeted national holiday, The Coronation Day.

Her reign was the target of many conspiracies. The first major decision her executive office took was to form a central gouvernment, as all modern micronations in the territory had one. The House of Princes remained the 2nd honorary advisory council for HM Executive Office. The new gouvernment would be elected from the 100 Judges HM appointed in the Parliament of Istria. This was new to the people. The three sides of the parliament remained intact, with their own ideologies (The House of Right, as a center-right party, The House of Left, as a center-left party, and the Independents, as independent territorial leaders). Her Leadership lead to many controversies, as her powers became more and more bigger over the House of Judges, appointing Lord Judges at her will, and being very keen on her constitutional right to defend the law. This led to a Parliamentary Dispute, between the House of Judges and HM Executive Office in 1965, when the Lord Judge Isak Jørgen, came to ignore HM notices that came everyday to him. HM made a decision to delay his annointmend as Lord Judge, but the Archibishop refused as the Electoral Committee of the Central Gouvernment appointed by HM put pressure on the Archibishop that "the will of the people shall be respected and never bothered, because we well learned what happened last time someone messed up with the Beletristic Populus"- Quote from the Letter sent by the Rt.Hon.Prime Minister to the Archibishop of Hamburg. Her Majesty couldn't do anything but waited until 1968, and assured that Isak doesn't get re-elected. Her decision to exclude him from the House of Judges that year, on the bases of "unconstitutionally overstepped the will of Her Majesty", struck another controversy within the Kingdom as Her Majesties involvement in politics grew, made the Gouvernment pass a law making an interdiction of direct communications between HM and The House of Princes. Her Majesty had the opportunity to deliver one single annual speech to Her Loyal Judges, and in the rest of the time, she would present different audiences with the Lord Judges, that would decide on their own what part of what the Queen said would be transmitted to the house. The most loyal of the Lords was Lord Judge Folke Mikkel, who was reelected in 1972. The Labourist Gathering (House of the Left), would lead the Kingdom in the amist of the War (1976-1980), and then the Interim Gouvernment of Garda, the Independent institution dedicated to Her Majesties reign, although in exile, lasted more than 4 months after her exile.

She was exiled with her husband on the 5th of April 1980 by the communist regime of Romania and the Empire of Dristor, who took over the Kingdom.

After the Independence of Republic of Istria

Immediately after September 2005, HRH urges to come and give a speech to the nation. She came in Hamburg and tranmitted the Official Address of HM on the 21st of October 2005.

Her Activity as the recognition of the Royal House done by the parliament, was of patreon of many charities and representative of the Royal Istrian Institution.

The President gave her the highest honour in the state. Her Foreign Affairs involvement made her a unique personality thruout the Royal representatives among the world. She has been since 2019 when she engaged more than ever in royal duties, one of the most, if not the most significant foreign affairs delegate in relations with different nations like Vishwamitra or Queensland. From the year 2017 she is a member of the Istrian academy.

She is a patreon of many charities and is an activ member of the Istrian Agricultural Society.

The New Kingdom of Istria

On the 23rd of May 2022 Istria has been re-established, with the help of the current Prime Minister Histro Tomov. The decisions taken by HM have been to re-establish the Houses of Parliament, The House of Deputies and The House of Noblemans. She also will appoint in the future members of the House of Noblemans.

Styles of
Her Majesty Queen Maríe I

Coat of Arms

Royal Standard

Cipher of Maríe I
Reference styleHer Majesty
Spoken styleYour Majesty
Alternative styleMadam

Titles, orders and Decorations

Her Majesty served in the war as commandor-in-chief but also as head of state of the Istrian Kingdom.
She was rewarded with the ex-First War Medal by the Istrian President in December 2020.


  • 12 May 1934 – 17 December 1960:Her Royal Highness Princess of Oldenburg, Garda and Hamburgese
  • 17 December 1960 – 5 April 1980:Her Royal Majesty Queen Maríe I of Istresky-Glücksburg-Oldenburg
  • 21 October 2005 – 20 September 2023:Her Royal Majesty Queen Maríe I of Istresky-Glücksburg-Oldenburg




Ribbon Country Honour Date Post-nominal
Queensland Lady Grand Cross of the Most Honourable Order of the Queen Catherine Precious Crown 3 April 2021 LGCPC
Vishwamitra Dame First Class of the Most Noble Order of the Precious Crown 15 April 2021 DFP
Vishwamitra Recipient of the Commemorative Medal of the First Anniversary of the Vishwamitran Monarchy 8 June 2021


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