Istrian Dinar

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Istrian Dinar
1000 Dinars SPECIMEN.jpg

Banknote of the Dinar of Istria
Official usersRepublic of istriei.PNG.png Istria, Vanya
Pegged toNone
PluralDinars(Dinari, both Romanian and Italian)
Coins5,10,20,50 cents 1,2 dinars
Banknotes5,10,20,50,100,200,500,1000 dinars
Central bankBanck of Istria
PrinterNational Imprimery(Hamburg, Bancknotes)
MintThe State Mint Hamburg(coins) Chevo State Mint(coins)

The Dinar is the second currency of the Republic of Istriei. The Dinar was adopted in 2016 as a secondary currency of the country. At that time, the main currency was the Romanian RON. After a few months, the RON came out of circulation and the only official currency became the Istrian dinar.

The Istrian dinar is also used outside the Republic of Istria. It is used in the Bucharest Union as a reference currency and in Vanya after their currency was withdrawn from circulation due to strong inflation.

The annual numismatic program

The Istrian annual numismatic program is a very important part of numismatic history. This is done so the historical events are commemorated in a way. Philatelic emissions also happen when alliances with different countries are done. The numismatic program also presents the important details of different Istrian banknotes variants released in that year. The commemorative banknotes and coins are the most important part of the plan, the Prime Minister, doing its self, in collaboration with the Governor of the National Bank the models and the overall plan.

Comemorative Banknotes and coins

Istrian State Mint

Presents:Numismatic Program 2021

February 2021:

UNC Hamburg coin set Circulation: 8,000

Issue price: 15 Dinars

UNC Chievo coin set

Circulation: 8,000

Issue price: 15 Dinars

20 Istrian Dinars, 2020 emission, SPECIMEN, First release

March 2021:

Commemorative coin not intended for circulation

Denomination: 2.50 dinars Metal: Fine copper Weight: 1 oz

Commemorative topic: "History of the Istrian Crown: 10 Øre Coin"

Circulation: 5,000 (2500 Hamburg + 2500 Chievo)

Quality: Uncirculated Issue price: 18 Dinars

April 2021:

Commemorative coins not intended for circulation Denomination: 5 Dinars Commemorative topics Regions of the Republic of Istria:

1. Hamburg Capital Region 2. Milata Metropolitan Region 3. Softa Metropolitan Region 4. Văcărești Metropolitan Region 5. Autonomous Region Pia 6. Nifer Autonomous Region 7. Sadmir Autonomous Region 8. Islaz Autonomous Region 9. Gostilele Autonomous Region 10. Prundu Autonomous Region

Metal: Cupronickel Circulation: 18,000 for each coin (3000 in coin card and 15,000 in capsules)

Quality: Uncirculated

Issue price:5 Dinars (for capsule coins) 12 Dinars (for coins in coincidence)

May 2021:

Commemorative coin intended for circulation Denomination: 2 Dinars

The subject of commemoration: "5th anniversary of the Istrian dinar 2016-2021"

Composition: Bimetallic

Circulation: 700,000 for circulation,7000 in coincard

Issue price: 18 Dinars (coincard)

June 2021:

UNC Hamburg and Chievo special coin set "5th anniversary of the Istrian dinar" Circulation: 5000 (2500 Hamburg and 2500 Chievo)

Issue price: 28 Dinars

July 2021:

PROOF coin set Hamburg and Chievo Circulation: 1500 (750 Hamburg and 750 Chievo)

Issue price: 44 Dinars

August 2021:

PROOF Hamburg and Chievo coin set containing 2 Dinars coin "5th anniversary of the Istrian dinar" Circulation: 1000 (500 Hamburg and 500 Chievo)

Issue price: 57 dinars

September 2021

"Sumiriale" Investment currencies Denomination: 10 dinars and 20 dinars

Metal: Pure silver

Weight: 1 oz and 2 oz

Circulation: 3000 for each coin (1500 Hamburg and 1500 Chievo)

Price: 240 Dinars (1 oz)

480 Dinars (2 oz)

October 2021

"Sumiriale" investment currency Nominal values: 50 Dinars and 100 Dinars

Metal: Pure gold

Weight: ½ oz and 1 oz

Circulation: 700 per coin (350 Hamburg and Chievo)

Issue Price: 3375 Dinars (1 oz)

1640 Dinars (½ oz)

November 2021

Ultra UNC coin set containing all the circulation coins + the 10 5 dinar coins from the "Regions of the Istrian Regions" series + the 2 Dinar coin "The 5th anniversary of the Istrian dinar" Circulation: 1000 (500 Chievo and 500 Hamburg) Issue price: 103 Dinars

December 2021

Ultra PROOF coin set containing all the circulation coins + the 10 5 dinar coins from the "Regions of the Istrian Regions" series + the 2 Dinar coin "The 5th anniversary of the Istrian dinar" Circulation: 500 (250 Hamburg and 250 Chievo)

Issue price: 148 Dinars

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