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The Istrian litterature has been and is a very important cultural aspect of the nation. This has began back in 1933 with the writeings of the revolutionary happenings in a journal that became a magazine.


Beletristic Writeings

The Litterature started in 1933 when the first Beletristic Revolution happened. The notes of the great Revolutionary Writers: Alotum Serius, Bildum Skrata and Milatas Kronicus, became famous in the first ever release of the "Revoltam" Magazine.


Del Societum Feudalas Totalitarum sta sud nostris capum ed noi ignora questam urletus del disperà popolari? Se cùrga discorsi, se cùrga dezbatorum, bat med importàm, se cùrga sangue pur del poporum liberum ed construitam sul incredelis bat non sul colonial Danemarkèz estium Ominis fatum da foliúm. Ni obliganus folositum da foliúm imaturis representaram coronès, ni obliganus averum der legum, NOI NON ESTIOM ED NON ESTAEM DANEMARKÈZ ESTAEM ISTRESKY, ED DEL REGOS IDEM! ''


Is a totalitarian feudal society under our control and we ignore this cry of the people's despair? Discourses flow, debates flow, but more importantly, blood flows for a free and trustworthy people and not on a colony Denmark being just people made of paper. It forces us to use their immature paper to represent money, it forces us to have a law of theirs, WE ARE NOT AND WE WERE NOT DANISH WE ARE STRANGERS, AND OUR KINGS ARE THE SAME!"

This is the Precursory Writeing done by Bildum Skrata a great speeach writer. The Magazine continued to write until 1934 when the two Letters of the Revolutions wore released.


Invintus d'astiom da capitalas, center de politics Regale facorum erois nationalum, non meritam cve aqveavum, nemeni meritum asuprire politicum od colonialismom! Meritarum liberarum ed politicum normala non asuprirum ed coruptìa! Motivorum astiom, belorum qvi, Motivorum astiom ganditum at tutam Istresky qva belorum ed sustenem protesta d'astiom tutam! Sofletus per del generazí d'ominis stralùci!"-Scrivorum Istresky(Hamburgese)


Today's victory in the Capital, the political center of the Kingdom makes us national heroes, we do not deserve what we received, no one deserves political or colonial oppression. We deserve freedom and normal politics, not oppression and corruption! That is why today we are fighting here, that is why today we think of all the Istrians when we were fighting and we support them all to protest! A soul for a generation of brilliant people!"-Istresky Letter


Invintus d'astiom da Cartere dovedita potere qvest coalitìa di Beletristic ed la potere politica qve averom. Incuragiatem con tutam le cuorae continuarati questa Revolta per natione, unione ed cooperare, potere ed sostenere, asomarae ed convingtus, democratìa ed naționalistae. Aveste era virtutam Istresky!"-Scrivorum Vestesky(da Cartere)


Today's victory at Cartere has proved the strength of this coalition of fighters and the political power we have, so I wholeheartedly encourage you to continue these revolts for nation, union and cooperation, power and support, assumption and conviction, democracy and nationalism. These are the virtues of Istria!"-Vestesky Letter

Nationalist Period

This was a nationalist period when the people published different nationalistic details and stories.

The Depression Literary Movement

This literary movement has been described in detail in Suzan Bertutsky's essays in Essays and other memorable stories. The magazine related to this current is divided into two parts:

  • Mortuaria Incipitum
  • Textum de Mortuarum

Mortuaria Incipitum

It contains 7 memorable poems entitled as follows, written by an unknown author:

~ Resignation ~

~ Landscape of the sea ~

~ Life, the first sin! ~

~ Moment ~

~ The right to eternity ~

~ Sadness ~

~ Incurable ~

These texts were analyzed by Suzan Bertutsky in her work, all these poems beginning the depression phenomenon.

''~Peisaj al marii~

Briza rece

Ce priere la rasarit

Ca un ultim sarut obosit.

Valuri se aud furioase,

Abandonate in intuneric.

Luna ce sta mandra pe cer

Si ultimii pescarusi ce se inchina la el.''

"~ Landscape of the sea ~

Cold breeze

What a prayer at sunrise

Like one last tired kiss.

Waves sound angry,

Abandoned in the dark.

The proud moon in the sky

And the last seagulls to worship him."


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