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The Istrian Music Culture has a long history. It originates in 1934 when the kingdom needed it's national symbos. This pushed the writes to wirte, and not just one song, but many, that became popular thru the years because their unique style. The periods of musical history aren't that defined because of the existence of just one writer, Colon Sirius. This made the Republic stand out, haveing complete national unique symbols, litterature, and even arts.


The Istrian Musical History can be devided into two: The Kingdom era, and the Republic era. Despite the differences this two have much in common.

The Kingdom era

This was the most important period. This included all the writeings of Colon Sirius, that was the official appointee to Her Majesty Private Chamber Music Assambly. This included, the Chorus, the Bass, the Violins, the Violas, the Harpsichord, the Flutes, the Fanfare Assambley(The Trumpets), and many more.

In this period wore written compositions like:

  • "Tud Tud Reginas" (To you, my Queen)
  • "Fugue Ístreska(I)" (First Istrian Fugue)
  • "Fugue Ístreska(II)" (Second Istrian Fugue)
  • "Sinfonis Numer I(Primul) D'Ístrez" (op. 1, op. 2, op. 3) (First Simphony of Istria)

The special aspect of Colon Sirius was somthing called by musicians, "Accompanying Alteration".

Colon Sirius also wrote songs to ovationate Her Majesty and her family.


"Tud Tud Reginas"

This song was written as a hymn to the Istrian Mitology who stated that the Queen will eat a forbidden fruit and die. This forbidden fruit could be eaten just by the Queen and kills her. This later became the hymn of the Istrian Kingdom.

"Te Deum"

This Song was written for the special ocasions. This was considered the hymn of the monarchs, until 1945 when the hymn was change, and Te Deum became just and Ouverture to Royal Concerts, where Their Majesties should be present.

"The Arrival of The Queen of Istria"

This Song became her majesty hymn in 1945, after the request of Dame Sarquesta of Istria of changing the hymn for something more original. To not be confused with the entereing fanfare of Her Majesty. This song was played after the fanfare and was an accompaniament to Her Majesties Salute.

"Fanfare of Her Majesty the Queen"

This Song is the official enterence music for HRM The Queen. It became popular in the 1950. Inspired by the United Kingdoms honours for the Queen, the Istrians wanted the same so they adopted this beautiful fanfare.

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