Istrian Armed Forces

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Istrian Armed Forces
Forțele Armate Istriene
Le Forze Armate Istriane

Steagul Statului Major General.png

Military Standard of Istria

CountryRepublic of istriei.PNG.png Republic of Istriei
Founded07 September 2004
Current form20 September 2018
Service branchesStatul Major General al fortelor Terestre.png Istrian Terrestrial Armed Forces (Army)
Stema Statului Major General Naval.png Istrian Navy
Stema Statului Major General al Fortelor Aeriene.png Istrian Air Forces
HeadquartersHamburg, Ministry of National Defence

Iordan Luca-Nicolae
Minister of DefenceEmil Apostol
The Chief of the Major General StateGen. Calafat Adrian
Available for military service50 (males)
age 18-35
Active personel30 (2021)
Reserve personel7 (2021)

The Istrian Armed Forces are formed by three sets of arms: the Terestrial Armed Force, the Navy and the Air Force. They are under the jurisdiction of the National Major State, directley subordoneted to the Ministry of National Defence. In war times, The President is the comandor-in-chef of the armed forces.

The Ministry of National Defence is spending on researching and evolutioning the tecniques of war even though the Republic of Istria is a member of the Halcyon Convention, that defines the microwars.

Recent operations include anti-terorist prevention measures, anti-pyro attacks, honorific presence at the military ceremonies.


Royal Era(1934)

In the time of Her Majesties gouverment the first armed forces was the National Guard. This was supposed to protect at all cost Her Majesty and her family. Later the Beletristic 1st Army appeared. This army was the first terestrial force of the Kingdom. Other important armies that appeared are the Waters Guard(Guarda Acquale) and The Skies Guard(Guarda del Aero). The city of Garda is the most important city from that point of view, most of the army beeing centered there and haveing much influence in the Vacaresti Region.

Modern Era(2005-present)

The Military refounded after the fall of the Dristorian Empire to mentain the integrity of the nation. This included terestrial, navy and air force but wasn't consilidated until 2012. Garda and Vacaresti remain the most important cities from the military point of view.


The structure of the Armed Forces of Istria includes the Armed Forces themselves and also The Secret Service that does confidential investigations on suspicious state activity.

The State bodies responsible for the Armed Forces are:

  • Iordan Luca-Nicolae(President)
  • Emil Apostol(Minister of National Defence)

Service Branches

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