Crown Jewels of Istria

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Crown Jewels
Crown and Orders of HRM The Queen.png
Crown and Orders of HRM The Queen
LocationThe Istrian Royal Palace
Size13 objects
OldestGlobus Cruciger
NewestThe Ring of Peace
OwnerHer Royal Majesty Queen Maríe I
ManagersThe Jewler of HRM

The Royal Collection of Jewels is a fine collection of Her Majesties finest jewels. It is consistent and gets bigger, presents from other states getting into the collection.

The Collection

The collection of the Royal House has in it from jewels to precious items.

The Crown and the Orders of HRM The Queen

This are two of the most important ceremonial jeweles. They are used in different ceremonies and are worn by HRM The Queen (The Crown and The Order of Liberty) and HRM The King and Lord Prince (The Order of Justice). They represent the two ''angelos'' that protect and defend the nation, Angelos del Quatratos and Angelos del Rocondos.

The Crown represents Angelo del Quadratos, that is a symbol of power, war, and vigilance. The Order of Liberty and The Order of Justice represent Angelo del Rocondos, that is a symbol of justice, equality and liberty.

The Princes Order of the Virtue

This is a ceremonial jewel used by the first in line to the throne. This Order of Virtue was made to represent it. It is a golden chain with a golden cross and shield, that have different symbols in it. The Bear represents fighting for the nation, the Spearboy represents mature development, and the knight represents the matureing of the prince.

The Crown Prince Order of the Virtue

Globus Cruciger

This is the third ceremonial jewel, and the oldest in the collection. It was made for HM coronation in 1935 out of clay to represent all of whum died for the Kingdom in the Beletristic Revolutions. It symbolises the sacre aspect of the crown haveing a cross at the top. The names of every female monarch is ritten on it.

Globus Cruciger

The Ring of Power

This is also a very important jewel. This is a golden ring, with a white topaz stone cut in rectangular shape; on the sides has two arches that converge and have little diamond stones in them.

The Ring of Power

The Necklace of Eternety

This is the jewel used by the Lord Judge in ceremonies. This jewel was the representation of HM authority within The House of Judges. It has a red rubin stone cut also into rectangular shape.

The Necklace of Eternity

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