Government of Istria

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The Government of Istria
Guvernul Istriei
Gouvernment Seal 2022.png
Established2004 (2004)
StateKingdom of Istria
LeaderPrime Minister (Hristo Tomov)
Appointed byMonarch
Main organCouncil of Ministers of Istria
Responsible toHouse of Deputies
HeadquartersPalace of Vontburg, Hamburg, Region of the Capital

The Government of Istria, represents, regarding to the Constitution, the executive power of Istria, toghether with the Monarch. The government organises itself regarding to the constitution and works after a governing program approved by the Parliament.

The government is composed by a leader named, Prime-Minister and a variable number of ministers who conduct ministries specialised in different domains of activity.

General Presentation

Actual Government Cabinet

Principal Article: TOMOV II Cabinet

The current gouvernment is conducted by Hristo Tomov, a chosen delegate of the Queen as to 30 October 2022. His cabinet has was formed , as Her Majesty The Queen, ordered in a public letter for him to form a cabinet as soon as possible so the work of the goverment to be started.


The appointment of the government is made by the Queen, or another representative as HM is 88 at the moment, after the vote of trust given by the Parliament. The proposal for the candidate for the position of Prime Minister is done by the Queen after consultations with the political parties. After the nominalisation the candidate needs to come up with a governing program and a list of cabinet members. In the case of just the Prime Minister being removed the Guverning Program and List of Cabinet Members can remain identical, and the proposal of Prime Minister can remain the same if just the Cabinet is changed, but the new cabinet ministers need to come up with a new Governing Program.


The role of the Government is regulated by the Constitution and relevant laws. The government "exercises the general leadership of public administration", develops strategies to implement the government program, exercises legislative initiative, negotiates international treaties, represents the Istrian state both internally and externally, appoints prefects and presents information and documents to the House of Parliament on request.



Principal Article: TOMOV II Cabinet

Ministries are specialized bodies of the central public administration that carry out governmental policy in their fields of activity. The Government of Kingdom of Istria is formed of 6 ministries, a prime-minister and a vice prime-minister.

Ministry Minister Party
Prime Minister
Minister for the Civil Service
Hristo Tomov Nationalist-Socialist Party for European Integration
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Defense Andrey Danailov Nationalist-Socialist Party for European Integration
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nikolay Petkov Nationalist-Socialist Party for European Integration
Ministry of Education, Research and Development Dimitrie Balcescu Nationalist-Socialist Party for European Integration
Ministry of Culture Elena Stanasila Nationalist-Socialist Party for European Integration
Ministry of Justice Nick Andrews Nationalist-Socialist Party for European Integration
Chancellor of the Exchequer Stanke Dimitrov Independent
Ministry of European Integration Filip Grigorescu Nationalist-Socialist Party for European Integration

Regional Governors

The Regional Governors are the local representatives of the Government. The Governor is responsible for the application of the Government's policy in the administrative divisions of the country, having the obligation to ensure the execution of the Government's acts, as well as those of the ministries and other specialized bodies subordinated to the Government or ministries.

The Governors are appointed by the Prime Minister.

Government Cabinets

The following list is the official list of the government's miniserial cabinets since 2004:

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Kingdom of Istria (2022)