Istrian Declaration of Independence

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Istrian Declaration of Independence
Declaratie Independenta Istria.jpg
The original copy of the document (2021).
CreatedOctober 2005
Ratified07 September 2005
LocationStored in the National Historical Archive at the White Block.
Author(s)Minodorus Carlo, Binder Ioan, Colon Sirius
Signatories7 Delegates to the Istrian Great National Assembly and Loyanovsky Nate, the President of the Parliament.
PurposeTo formally declare independence from Romania, and declare the dissolvation of the Socialist Istrian Column

The Declaration of Independence of Republic of Istria it is the first act of the Gouverment of the Democratic Republic of Istria. It was written by the two Founding Fathers: Minodorus Carlo and Binder Ioan. The two declared themselves the President and Vice-President of the Great National Assembly. The Act was ratified on the 7th of September 2005 by 7 delegates of the National Assambly. This text is the reformed declaration, the original declaration of Independence was written after this one and established the three main forces of the State. That one, which is considered a work of art, was also reconsidered by the adnotted institution as an anexed act to this original declaration.



Dear Republic, you are beautiful.

With your hills, your Delta.

Prosperous like a eagle,

I want just to say: I love you!'

— The Independence Poem, My Republic, Colon Sirius

The Declaration of Independence started it's construction in the first days of September, when the forces of the revolutionary front started to gain hope upon receiving a letter from the military forces saying that they will be on their part. The President of the Great Assembly ordered the General Binder Ioan to come to the his place to discuss Independence. The two staied approximately 2 hours thinking what to include. Thei remained at a little formal declaration that included just 5 rows, the rest being written by the great writer Colon Sirius. He wrote a poem that he "gave as a present for the independence of this great nation".


The Declaration of Independence was published in 2006 by the new gouverment after the elections of 2005. The President declared it as a sacred act and now it's stored in the Nation's archive. The tradition states that the independence can be distroyed just by the President, althoug, the President has little to no access and special procedures of handeling are called when is required. The Act was a scandal breaker being changed one time before it's final publishing. The first version is lost and no information about it are to be known. The new declaration is now kept in the Presidents office as a symbol of Istrian liberty and continuous change.

Annotated text

The Declaration of Independence presents the foundemental basis of the Istrian Gouverment ant the Political and Cultural Background of 2005.

Declaration of Independence of Republic of Istria

"According to the decision of the Popular Asssembley of 07.09.2005, it is decided that the former Socialist Istrian Column, to officially become The Republic of Istria. The Constitution and the countries laws will be decided bu the Democratic Unitary Parliament.

'My Republic Poem'-Colon Sirius(IT)"

Signing instrument

Another important part of the Signing of the Declaration of Independence was with what will they write their Signatures over the Declaration? The response was a very old pen, made in 1940 for HM Queen Maríe I. This pen is now displayed at the National Museum of Histoy Comp I. The pen symbolises the power of the new presidents transmitted from the royal era to the democratic republic one. The two wore the single once that had at its core the human rights and wore, in one or more matters humanitarian. The Pen of Independence, as it's often called was also used at the signing of the Royal Constitution, The Great Constitution of Republic of Istria, and many other acts. It was used by the president to sign acts, until 2018 when was declared national sacred object, and is now resting in the Royal Collection. It is displayed at President's promulgations and other ceremonies.

The Pen of Independence(2021)

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