Flag of Istria

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Flag of Istria

The Istrian National Flag consists of red green and red from top to bottom. This flag was associated with the independence of the Garaj Istriei country after 2005. This design was developed by a rendom group of Istrians after the fall of the Empire and was addopted as the official Flag of the Republic at the date of 23 July 2005. This flag is also present of the Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Istria.



The origins of the flag date back to the Istrian Kingdom. The first flag of the Istrian Kingdom had red white and black colours. This design was hanged in the institution of the royals and stayed there until the fall in 1980.

The Communist Period

The Istrian communist period presented a flag exactly the same as the one we have today but in the left upper corner there was a communist symbol.

Returning to tradition

The First Istrian Flag

The Istrian Kingdom has returned to it's original flag in the 23rd of May 2022 as the Istrian Kingdom has been refound.

Royal Coats of Arms Republic of Istria.png

Kingdom of Istria (2022)